wwe network updates

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wwe network updates

wwe network updates

It is said that if you want something with all your heart, then the whole work takes place in an attempt to match it with you. Something similar may have happened to Drew McIntire. Leaving the company to become part of WWE about 10 years ago. After that return and now win the WWE title by defeating Brock Lassner on stage like WrestleMania 36. Drew’s dream has come true for which he worked for years.

Now WWE has got a new champion. After WrestleMania, Drew McIntire’s photo shoot took place, while Brock Lassner’s name has been removed and Drew’s plate is placed on the belt. WWE has posted an exclusive video after WrestleMania showing how Lassner’s name was removed and Drew’s name is now being printed on the belt

Beast Lassner had not given McIntire any chance from the start but Drew had an attack with a Claymore kick. After which Lassner also did not give up and kicked out. Not only that, McIntire was about to give another Claymore kick, but Lasnar started giving suplexes.

Beast was very angry during the match, even after several F5s, Drew did not give up. However as soon as Drew had a chance, he started attacking Lassner and hit three claymore kicks and became the champion, defeating Lassner in 4 minutes 35 seconds. This was the first time Drew had won such a huge title in WWE. Well, now it remains to be seen how long Drew decorates his head.

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