wwe network updates – Guess Who Won the Universal Championship at Wrestlmania 36

wwe network updates – Guess Who Won the Universal Championship at Wrestlemania 36

wwe network updates: At WrestleMania 36, Bron Strowman made history. Goldberg was previously scheduled for the Universal Championship with Roman Reigns, but Roman Reigns withdrew his name at the last minute. He was replaced by Braun Strowman. And in this match, Born Strowman did a new job. The two met on the first day of WrestleMania.

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At the start of the match, Goldberg gave Braun Strowman 4 spears one after the other. Goldberg then tried to give the jackhammer but Strowman gave it four consecutive power slams and won the match by pinning him. With this, Strowman became Universal Champion for the first time. The absence of Roman Rance benefited Strowman and earned him the biggest moment of his career.

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In his career, Bron Strowman won the Universal Championship for the first time. And he got this chance because of Roman Rance, who was ruled out of the match due to health.


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This is quite a shocking thing because no one thought that Stroman, who was in the mid-card would become Universal Champion. After defeating a veteran like Goldberg, Bron Strowman’s career will now go much further from here. Well, the company has now got the new Universal Champion. ( wwe network updates )

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It is a matter of great pleasure. Because the fans don’t want to see Goldberg become the champion. And the expectation was that Strowman would become the new champion. Now how will Strowman’s champion run look like? The fans are very happy with the victory of Bron Strowman. He received a lot of congratulations on Twitter. (wwe network updates)