Workout plan for women’s weight loss – fat loss workout for females

Workout plan for women’s weight loss and extreme slimming

Workout plan for women’s weight loss: So, You do not know how to lose weight fast? or what weight loss exercises you should do? No worries, Here we will share all the techniques to obtain a sustainable and reasoned fat loss workout for females.

Fat loss workout for females – Exercise

Cardio is basic for losing weight and burning up a lot of fat. But bodybuilding to lose weight is complementary to prevent muscle-melting. In this article, you will find Fat loss workout for females Training which provides 70% cardio training and 30% strength training.

How to integrate cardio into your program?

Day 1  Cardio
Day 2 Thighs / Buttocks / Abdomen 
Day 3 Cardio
Day 4 Back / Shoulders / Biceps / Triceps
Day 5 Cardio + Abs / Chest
Day 6 Cardio
Day 7 Rest


Weight loss workout plan for women: Warming up

The warm-up of this slimming woman program is an important step not to neglect. It prepares your muscles for the effort and prevents injuries.

Make 5 minutes of bike, treadmill or other machines at moderate speed.

workout plan for women's weight loss - fat loss workout for females

Before the weight training session, the warm-up will consist of practicing:

10 shoulders stick movements, front back and alternating arms and shoulders right left

20 squats stick

weight loss workout plan for women

30 hip rotations on one leg on each side

workout plan for women's weight loss - fat loss workout for females

10 ankle rotations on each side

Cardio exercises are recommended to eliminate fat mass:

This training program focuses on cardio training to prioritize fat loss. This type of program combining cardio and bodybuilding will both target fats and strengthen muscles.

You have the choice between all kinds of cardio activities: bike/rower/ elliptical / treadmill / skipping rope/stepper… The important thing is to work the heart to respect the maximum heart rate recommended (60 to 65% FCM) which is the best frequency for losing fat.

The intensity of cardio training for weight loss

The moderate-intensity cardio exercises of this weight loss sporting program are to be preferred to burn a maximum of reserve fat. Indeed, the longer the effort lasts, the more you burn fat, so it is best not to work too high frequency to maintain a long effort.

workout plan for women's weight loss - fat loss workout for females


This is the physiological threshold of lipolysis (where we burn fat).

This is why the recommended average FCM is between 60 and 65%.

To properly manage your cardio and respect the heart rates recommended for weight loss and muscle, you must apply the percentages that keep you in the threshold of lipolysis.

You will need to calculate your FCM to follow this extreme slimming program, you can check out our detailed article on maximum heart rate:

Fat loss workout for females: Number of repetitions and sets

The goal in this article to burn a maximum of fat, we will promote the maximum of repetitions with light loads to draw the muscle without changing its volume:

3 or 4 sets of 30 or more repetitions for big muscles (glutes, thighs) that burn a lot of calories.(Workout plan for women’s weight loss)

weight loss workout plan for women


For the other exercises, we will preferably make 5 to 6 sets of 15 reps.

The interest is to repeat these exercises regularly alternating with cardio activities.

Weight loss workout plan for women: Take Rest

The break times of this weight loss fitness program are restricted (1 min to 75 sec) because the muscle must have enough time to recover but stay in a sufficient threshold of stimulation to develop, this will give the intensity at your session. The abs recover more easily,

workout plan for women's weight loss - fat loss workout for females


that’s why we work them in series to the max and that 30 seconds of pause between two series, suffice.

What training frequency?

To lose weight and build muscles, as the loads are light and the intensity moderate, one can afford a high training frequency. The volume of training is 5 sessions per week, which makes it possible not to lengthen the sessions while burning a maximum of fats.

It is important to give the muscles time to recover with 2 consecutive days of rest.(Workout plan for women’s weight loss)

Workout plan for women’s weight loss: What’s training time?

The weight loss training session will last 1h15 maximum per session to burn a maximum of calories without causing too much catabolism, that is to say, without causing muscle wasting or stressing the muscles.

The muscles must recover between two sessions.

A session that is too long would have the effect of “stressing” the muscles, favoring the synthesis of adipose tissue and the retention of water, due to a significant release of cortisol.

When you have lost your first few pounds, you can continue with the same routine. (Workout plan for women’s weight loss)



The main nutrients to help lose weight and build muscles are proteins and fat burners.

Proteins prevent muscle wasting due to diet during a weight loss program and have a very effective hunger suppressing effect when trying to slim down.

Fat burners are powerful accelerators of thinness, either by their thermogenic effect, the extra energy they provide, their draining properties or their appetite suppressant ingredients.

Bodybuilding to lose weight is good, but that’s not enough. If you have a surplus of calories, you will spend a little more by moving more, but not enough to create a real deficit. It is the sport + diet combination that gives the best results. (Workout plan for women’s weight loss)

Summary of your slimming thigh-buttocks program


Session 1: Cardio
Cardio  Practice 15 min of moderate cardio at 60% of FCM (Maximum Heart Rate), 10 min of cardio at 75% of FCM, 15 min of moderate cardio at 65% of FCM. Then practice 5 minutes of high-intensity jump rope with 20 seconds of rest between each.


Session 2 : Thighs / Buttocks / Abs
Squats empty bar 5 x 20 reps
Crunches 6 x max
Sissy squats 3 x max
Jacking board 5 x to failure

Workout plan for women’s weight loss