Why Family is Important – the importance of family – 2020

Why Family is Important – the importance of family

Why family is important: Christmas and New Year are occasions for family celebrations. Men and women will travel huge distances and spend considerable energy to find and celebrate with family. Not to mention all the money spent. Why?

Because the family is the place of the most profound and meaningful experiences of human life. (the importance of family)

The family first and foremost constitutes a social environment; The quality of adult life depends on the quality of relationships between family members.


Why Family is Important: Quality of Families

Some families are warm and stimulating, others boring and quiet; Some also become a constant threat to the physical and psychological safety of their members.

Why Family is Important importance of family

In the early 17th century, John Fletcher wrote, “The ones we love the most have the power to hurt us.”

Formation of a couple requires agreement and constraints: everything must be negotiated. When one or more children arrive, the couple must adapt again and leave some dreams long. On the other hand, the family offers a lot of potential for happiness and growth. (the importance of family)

On the condition of creating a harmonious relational dynamic and on the condition that both partners do not forget that the quality of their conjugal relationship is based on the quality of the family environment. Hence there is a need to meet regularly face to face without the presence of children.

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Importance of Family: Adaptation of Family

According to new positive psychology discoveries (detracting from positive thinking that often has more magic than anything), the warmth of human relationships is one of the fundamental pillars of authentic happiness. The family may or may not be a place of learning with warm human relationships.

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To do this, it is important that the family has a common goal: to find a lifestyle, to create an inheritance, to provide the best education for children, to spread the values ​​of life in society…

The aim is to allow each member to develop their unique character, skills, and personal goals (discrimination) while facilitating the maintenance of close relationships with all family members (integration). This discrimination and integration are essential to adult social life. (the importance of family)

Family members should, therefore, communicate with each other so that they know their interests, their sensibilities, and their limitations. And everyone should respect other people’s viewpoints to avoid confrontation, most insoluble, polarizing hostility. (Why family is important)


Importance of Family: Tough Balance

When a man meets a woman and forms a couple, there are many projects and dreams.

Paradoxically, the realization of these projects often occurs initially between the two lovers. Over time, challenges become rare, reactions become predictable, sexuality diminishes, the family becomes “flat”.

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To avoid routines, the couple and family must continually renew themselves according to the skills of each member: separating activities, making new friends, finding new places to travel, alternative power. But at the same time, create opportunities to get to know each one’s dreams and projects more deeply. (Why family is important)

Couples and families are goals in themselves, but couples and families should facilitate the attainment of each person’s personal goals. This is apparently only possible on the condition that the communication is open, clear and respects different perspectives. (the importance of family)

Maybe a period of family celebration that is a privileged opportunity to bring you closer to the most important people in your life, forget about old wounds and rekindle your conjugal and family warmth. (Why family is important)

The importance of family – Why Big family Matters

Nowadays, it is in the family home that we spend the most time when we are a child or adolescent. Many young people and adolescents tend to feel overwhelmed by this fact and think that they can live better by being away from the family.

However, every relationship has its own importance, friends have their importance and family has their own. For some, friends are the only important relationship in life, but they are unaware that in many situations family can replace friends and that friends can not replace family.

Why Family is Important importance of family

Your friends don’t really care about your needs, while your family always makes sure you become a better person. It is only your family who loves you unconditionally. (Why family is important)

We all live with a deep sense of fear, we all need to feel safe. Living with a family gives us this feeling of security. 

The strength of each member of a family does not matter, it is, however, the bonds that unite the members of the family which ensure this feeling of security. That’s why you think your family will always be by your side, no matter what.

Living in a close family, you don’t have to fight alone against the winds and tides of life. Security is defined here as moral and physical well-being and a feeling of belonging. (Why family is important)

Just like basic needs, a human being also has many psychological needs that must be satisfied for him to live in a mental and physical well being. Everyone needs affection, appreciation, belonging, love, etc. A family provides you with all these things, without you asking for them. (Why family is important)

Your family gives you love and self-confidence and teaches you the principles of social life. In a way, it is your family that has prepared you to face and survive in the outside world. Your family gives you reasons to live and love.

Always remember that all that is good in you is largely due to your family. It is this unit of society that you can go to, even if you have done something serious or something wrong. You are one of them, so be happy to have the chance to have a family! (Why family is important)

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