What is thyroid disease and how it can be prevented 2020


What is thyroid

What is Thyroid

Types of Thyroid

Causes of Thyroid

Thyroid Test

What is thyroid disease? and the thyroid? The thyroid is a gland that is present near our throat? Glad’s work is to communicate the energy in a reasonable amount of energy in our body. When thyroid glands do not work, the thyroid juice is not formed in the correct amount, which is called thyroid disease.

Thyroid disease

There are 2 types of Thyroid

1. Hypothyroid – Thyroid gland forms more thyroid juice than its fixed amount, due to which the fat accumulates and the energy starts decreasing due to the dullness, Weight gain starts growing rapidly.

2. Hyper Thyroid – Thyroid Gland should be made as Thyroid Juice, it also creates a lot of juice in the form of which it becomes a lot of energy in our body which makes the heart beat more and more sweats And the weight becomes rapidly in the event.

There are 2 special causes for thyroid:

1. first reason – Thyroid disease is also hereditary, if you have this disease then the child may also get the disease. For this, you should definitely treat it at the right time.

2. The second reason – if you do not have breakfast in the morning and are hungry for more time then the risk of disease can increase by up to 25 percent. If you do not want to have thyroid disease, do not forget to take breakfast in the morning. ( thyroid disease )

Thyroid Test

Thyroid operates tests could be a collective term for blood tests used to check the operating of the thyroid.
TFTs could also be requested if a patient is assumed to suffer from adenosis or gland disease or to watch the effectiveness of either thyroid-suppression or internal secretion replacement medical aid.

This test is performed to diagnose and determine the cause of an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) or an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism) gland.

The tests included are:

TSH testT4 testT3 testThyroid-stimulating immunoglobulin (TSI) test Anti-thyroid antibody test, also known as thyroid peroxidase antibody test (TPOab)

Thyroid treatment

When it’s done:
Thyroid tests are performed to:

Diagnose hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidismMonitor treatment in people having thyroid disordersScreen new-borns for any inherited thyroid disorders

When to Avoid:

There are no specific conditions in which this test should be avoided.

However, inform your doctor if:

You are pregnant, as the levels of thyroid hormones change during pregnancy you have undergone any x-ray test in the past that has used a special contrast dye, as this can affect the results of the thyroid function testYou are taking any medicines, as some of it can alter the test results

How to prepare:
No special preparation is required for the test.


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