Shahrukh khan donation pm care

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Shahrukh khan donation pm care

Shahrukh khan donation pm care
King Khan of Bollywood i.e. Shah Rukh Khan had recently raised his hand to help the people suffering from Coronavirus. Shah Rukh Khan financially helped the people affected by the corona virus and provided ration and needy goods to the poor, laborers. At the same time, he again took a big step in this hour. Shahrukh and his wife Gauri have offered to make their 4-story personal office a quarantine center.

Children, old and women can be treated in this. Shah Rukh Khan has again helped a great deal for Coronavirus’s war. Pooja Dadlani has tweeted about this. He wrote – ‘People of Mumbai it is time to unite. Let’s get together and fight it. This is a selfless move on behalf of Shahrukh Khan, who will set an example for me and the people around me.

Appreciating the actor, Mamta Banerjee has written – ‘Thank you Shahrukh Khan, your contribution in this challenging time will help in helping a lot of troubled people. This human face of millions of people who consider you as their role model will inspire.

Shahrukh also replied to this tweet by Mamta – ‘Didi, as a brother in your selfless humanitarian work, it is my duty.’ Along with this, Shah Rukh Kha has also shared some lines of Rabindranath Tagore. This tweet of Shahrukh Khan is becoming very viral.

Before that, King Khan extended a helping hand with his group of companies. It was tweeted by Shahrukh’s film production company Red Chili. In this tweet it was written – ‘Kolkata Knight Riders’ co-honors Shah Rukh Khan, Gauri Khan, Juhi Chawla Mehta and Jai Mehta have pledged to contribute to the PM Cares Fund. Gauri Khan and Shah Rukh Khan, owners of Red Chili, have also pledged to contribute to the Maharashtra CM Relief Fund.

Contribution of 50,000 personal proactive equipment ie PPE for the support and protection of health care workers. Resolve to feed 5500 families in Mumbai for one month daily in collaboration with Mir Foundation. Providing meal kits for one month to poor and daily laborers. Helping acid Survivors etc. ‘ Let us know that the process of spreading coronavirus infection in India is still going on. The havoc of Corona is continuously increasing in the whole world as well as in India. So far 99 people have died due to corona virus in India and the number of infected has reached 3588.

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