Salman Khan Song Pyar karona

Salman khan new corona song

Salman khan new corona song

Salman khan new corona song – Giving a special message to the fans

Salman Khan may be at the Panvel farmhouse due to the lockdown these days, but his creativity is in full form. Salman khan has once again got his talent ironed with the song Pyaar Karo-Na. The song has been released on YouTube channel. Sharing the link of this song, Salman wrote the caption – Stay emotionally close and stay away physically … Love Karona.

This is an attempt by Salman to make people aware against the corona virus. He has written the song ‘Pyaar Karona’ with Hussain Dalal. Whose music has been composed by his favorite Sajid-Wajid. Salman is telling people through singing what they should and should not do at this time. Fans are very liking and sharing this. This video is directed by Abhiraj Meenawala. The song has been composed with minimal sources.

The video of this song of Salman has also been released. In which Salman is seen in black and white look. Salman has also rapped in the middle of this song. The song premiered on his YouTube channel Salman Khan. So far, it has more than 45 thousand subscribers. At the same time, this video has also received more than 21 thousand views in an hour.

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