Prince William played a joke on Kate Middleton

Prince William played a joke on Kate Middleton

A curious situation occurred with Kate Middleton and Prince William if they visited yet another public occasion. In the event, William and Catherine came at a black SUV onto it and they abandoned.

The funny incident with Catherine Middleton occurred when she and her husband approached the vehicle, leaving the construction. Already almost at the door of the automobile, Catherine tripped and nearly fell, and Prince William seen and immediately responded to the scene. The Duke was moved to assist his wife, seemingly deciding that she is likely to collapse. Luckily, Kate Middleton remains on his toes, along with the assistance of her husband wasn’t required.

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And if Prince William made certain his wife is right, he permitted himself a little joke. What Duke stated is unknown, however, it was obvious that, following the term William and Catherine laughed, then got to the vehicle and drove off.

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