Positive thinking – how to deal with negative thoughts and depression

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Positive thinking - how to deal with negative thoughts and depression

Positive thinking – how to deal with negative thoughts – self confidence
Negative and long-lasting thoughts have a negative effect on our self-esteem, Self confidence and well-being. Controlling them and replacing them with positive and caring counterparts is essential to regain self-confidence.
Negative thinking sometimes hurts and often, it conditions our behavior. It can lead us to act desperately when it is not necessary, or even to stimulate the possibility of throwing in the towel while everything is not lost. Finally, negative thoughts usually condition our decisions, not really for our good.
Because of this type of thoughts, there is a curious phenomenon: even if you are aware that you have to forget this thought, it is very difficult to deactivate it. The more you think of forgetting it, the more it will be present.
That’s why you’re just thinking about an idea that not only makes you have a bad time, but can also seriously compromise your mental health.
What to do with negative thoughts?
Life presents us challenges, often without granting us truces and without taking into account the recourse on which we count. Having negative or defeatist thoughts about this panorama is normal. However, feeding them, retaining them or even pursuing them diminishes our quality of life and fuels the image we have of ourselves.
Except for illness and special circumstances, we are all largely responsible for our own emotional health and well-being.
What does it mean ?
This means that what we say to ourselves, regularly and frequently, for days, weeks, months and sometimes even years, all of this has an effect on the way we see each other. This can go a long way toward improving our self-esteem and self-confidence. But it can also greatly help to reduce them.
And that’s where the drama begins …
By repeating the same negative thoughts, they go beyond their status as simple thoughts and become frank realities. We are not only afraid of not being able, we are really failing and then we are not trying anything.
The mind is a powerful thing. In one second, he can elevate or crush our mood. He can put us in the best position or lead us to failure.
Have you noticed that when thinking about a dish that you like, you can not only see it but also feel it, hear it, taste it. The power of our mind …
That’s why a negative thought has so much power.
The most destructive thoughts are “if only …” or “what if …?” The first is stuck in the past with all these regrets. The second brings you to fear the future. In both cases, you lose confidence and you froze.
But you can not do anything for the past. And the future is not there yet.
Negative thoughts lead to negative emotions and feelings. And it undermines morale and breaks the motivation and desire to act.
Negative thoughts keep the focus on the negative of your actions and your life. And that does not get you anywhere. If not to immobilism and depression.
Here is a simple 8-step process to chase away negative thoughts and black ideas.
1. Observe your thoughts: Negative thoughts are usually the product of cognitive distortions or irrational thought patterns. Observe them as if you were a spectator. If you do not let them take hold of your mind, they will simply dissipate. Accept your negative thoughts and let them go.
2. Be attentive to your monologues: Personal monologues are devious. We do not always notice their presence and their effect on our moods and beliefs. Yet to become aware of it is important. This is the first step to master and change them.
If you are not aware of the moment, take the time, at the end of the day, to return to your day and take stock. In addition, in the morning, remember your commitment: be aware of your negative thoughts and not diminish their influence.
The beginning will be difficult. But over time, you will get there. Persevere!
3. Hit a good trip: How? A hilarious film, an outing with friends, a new experience, Youtube videos that make you laugh. You can even create a special morale list.
These are not the opportunities that are missing.
The goal, to hit a good bar or simply spend a good time, to release the pressure.
Surround yourself with positive people and enjoyable experiences: if what you see, what you listen to and what you read is positive, if the people around you are positive, it will be easier to keep negative thinking at bay . Any trigger of negative thinking will be easier to turn off if optimism surrounds you.
4. Visualize positive things: A negative thought has a lot of power. Fortunately, a positive thought is just as powerful!
Do you want to change negative thoughts and images that circle in our heads? Simply removing them is not easy. However, replacing them with something else is more effective.
Replace your negative thoughts with positive counterparts. Do not look at the difficulty anymore, but rather the opportunity, do not look at your shortcomings anymore, but rather at your strengths.
5. Re-think each question you’re pondering: Ruminations are excessive thought patterns. When we ruminate an idea, we do it by being convinced that we can solve something only by thinking more about it.
Something that, in general, is useless. You must clear what is true in your thoughts and dispel what you have created in your mind before you start looking for a solution.
Do not be surprised if after eliminating this idea, you find that there is no problem beyond the one you created yourself.
7. Change the look on yourself: It’s not just about seeing the world in a positive way and not just focusing on the negative. It’s about doing the same with yourself. Focus on your strengths and strengths, your successes and your facilities. Replace negative dialogues with positive dialogues Or simply more measured to start.
Do not blame yourself so hard for your failures. Learn to be caring with you.
You will not change everything overnight. But by acting here, starting from the principle seen above that “beliefs always precede actions,” your self-esteem will increase. Gently but surely.
8. Do not forget that nobody is perfect and go ahead: it’s easy to stop on your mistakes. But the only thing you can do is learn from it and move on. Nothing will change, so strong and often you can ruminate.
And if what awakens your negative thoughts is a weakness or a limit, focus on your strengths and virtues. If you can not, change what is there, make the most of what you have.
Everyone is responsible for how they manage their own thoughts. It does not matter why this thought has arisen: the important thing is that you can chase it out and generate a proper environment for that time of thought to be reduced.
The key is to detect these negative thoughts before they have time to grow stronger in your mind and conquer allies.

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