plus size model

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plus size model

plus size model
plus size model
Heather Houston, a native of North Carolina and was born in 1988. She graduated the University of design in Charlotte and has a bachelor of arts degree. Career centerfolds Heather Houston beginning late enough. When she was 27 years old, she met a plus size model Erica Lauren in the wedding party.

Participation in this event for the Heather was not accidental, as it was a wedding photographer. The already mentioned plus size model suggested the girl to begin its debut in the modeling. According to Heather, Lauren “called me photogenic and promising.”

The heroine of our article concludes its first contract with a modeling Agency DCM and after six months, appearing for new York fashion week, presenting the prestigious brand name “Lane Bryant”.

With the growth of 175 cm, Heather Houston began the present opening in modeling plus size. Always a positive-looking model was nominated the most impressive models on the magazine “Cosmopolitan” in 2019. From this moment begins the second phase of a career centerfolds.

We have already noted that the girl from University She worked as a photographer and has great skills in this area. Because of this, and already getting a lot of royalties from modeling, Heather founded the project and the Studio. Model sets itself an ambitious goal to make everyone happy through high-quality photo shoot.

All you can do happy through quality photos. I already knew in modeling plus she said. You can always find the right angle, shadows and light to the pictures reflect the happiness and joy that is in every man, says Heather Houston in an interview with fashion “Womans Day”.

Of course the model as the photographer works with the category plus size models and it is very similar to our Russian model Natalia Bezrukov, lifestyle which is reflected in the same role.

At the moment, the model lives in Miami and she said the place she was “chosen just for the photo Studio, not to stay”. Heather Houston recently appeared on the cover of the fashion magazine “InStyle”, and also signed a contract with the European brand, “Alba Moda” that tells about its relevance in Europe.

In the end, to note that the world of modeling plus size now really is not enough such photographers as Heather Houston, which would have been the model.

These compatible quality can only have a positive impact on the world of fashion and modeling to deliver from retouching and digital photo processing. Because the model better knows how to find the light and the image in your pictures.

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