Pilates platinum – Pilates reformer weight loss – 5 + 1 secret tip, why try pilates?

Pilates platinum – Pilates reformer weight loss – 5 + 1 secret tip, why try pilates?

Pilates platinum – Pilates reformer weight loss: Do you need to lose some pounds, shape your body, gain self-confidence, and improve your sex life? The only answer to all these problems is Pilates. An almost miraculous exercise, which once you fail, there is no going back. (Pilates Platinum – Pilates reformer weight loss)

Pilates platinum - Pilates reformer weight loss - 5 + 1 secret tip, why try pilates?

Pilates is no longer just an unknown exercise that mysteriously promises a new body immediately. It belongs to the body and mind style and you will find it in the offer of most fitness centers. That you haven’t tried it yet and do you feel that it’s too lazy and you don’t put yourself in the body? Error! Here are 5 + 1 secret tips on why to try it:

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The author of this method, Joseph Pilates, has spread pilates around the world with his book, aptly called Contrology. ” This exercise is mainly about conscious, controlled movements when you perceive muscles that you have not even dreamed of. You will find out where your shoulders are, what the pelvic floor is, how you can pull your spine, you can breathe in your back, and much more. Your body will start communicating with your head when they eventually become friends who work together, ” explains Gabriela Němečková from my Pilates studio. Sounds great, so a little effort and effort is worth it, what about you? (Pilates Platinum – Pilates reformer weight loss)



Pilates exercises are based on activating the deep internal muscles, which include the pelvic floor, transverse abdominal muscle, and diaphragm. “The pelvic floor carries the weight of the internal organs in the abdominal cavity. It’s weakening often results in unpleasant incontinence. The transverse abdominal muscle works similarly to a corset and helps keep the body upright.

The diaphragm is a muscle you would not breathe without. If you learn to control these and many other muscles, you can get rid of back pain, relieve worried and overworked shoulders or compensate for one-sided work or sports workload, ” notes Jana Havrdová from the independent initiative Czech Moves, which wants to help people integrate healthy lifestyles and movement into everyday life. (Pilates Platinum – Pilates reformer weight loss)



Okay, we won’t lie to you. Pilates is not an easy exercise in the beginning. You have to focus on the whole body and its individual parts, you must not forget to breathe, you are constantly checking to see if you have unnecessary tension somewhere in your body… Do you think that you will have something else in your head? An experienced instructor will playfully know when you will start thinking about where to go to lunch after exercise instead of how to stretch your arm properly. You just put your worries away in the locker room.

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Pilates platinum 


Of course, Pilates is not a date and does not guarantee that you will find the right partner (although you will often meet men in Pilates classes). However, if you already have a partner, you can surprise him with new tricks that your pelvic floor can handle thanks to training. Women also usually admit that the better perception of the area makes their experience of sex more intense. It’s actually a “side effect” that will benefit both of you.

“I agree,” Iveta nods (28 years old). ” I have been practicing Pilates for more than two years and you can see it in bed. Or at least my partner noticed that I enjoyed sex much more. Thanks to blood circulation and strengthening of the lower part of the body, I have an orgasm, which I could only dream of until then, and I also surprise my husband with new positions that I would not have been able to do before, “ laughs Iveta. (Pilates Platinum – Pilates reformer weight loss)



The main effect of most sports activities lies in the actual operation of the sport. You sweat on a bike or aerobics, you get rid of a few calories. You build muscle in the gym, but when you’re done, it’s like putting off sports with your training clothes. ” Pilates has one undeniable advantage over other sports. You will learn to treat your body and use this skill literally at any time.

Your gait will change, you will otherwise stand in line at the cash register, otherwise, you will lift and carry your children. You can use Pilates when you go cross-country skiing when you play tennis or golf when you go jogging. Once you learn to think about your body, you will never forget it, ” concludes Gabriela Němečková. (Pilates Platinum – Pilates reformer weight loss)


Pilates reformer weight loss



If you are more of an athlete who likes strength training and likes to sweat, then you don’t have to turn down Pilates right away. If you want to intensify your training, then try exercises with balance aids. Pilates exercises will teach you the basics of proper movement, as well as tightening you like a kitten.

Pilates platinum - Pilates reformer weight loss - 5 + 1 secret tip, why try pilates?

If you can’t imagine anything under pilates. Here is great training for beginners: (Pilates Platinum – Pilates reformer weight loss)