‘Mere Pyare Prime Minister’

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mere pyare prime minister

This Movie ‘Mere Pyare Prime Minister’ is based on Serious Social issue in India

Cleanliness campaign has been started by many organizations, which is also quite good. Everyone is clean, but no one wants to clean up. But there are many organizations that promote cleanliness. Something like that will be seen in the film ‘Mere Pyare Prime Minister’.

Director Rakesh Omprakash Mehra’s ‘Mere Pyare Prime Minister’ will be released on March 15, based on serious social issues like Pee in the Open. The special thing is that this movie has represented India not only in the Rome Film Festival but also in Asia.

The screening of the film ‘Mere Pyare Prime Minister’ from Asia to the Rome Film Festival took place in Patrassee. After screening, people stood up for the film and played applause and critics praised it with giving it four stars.

Director Om Prakash Mehra has been telling stories related to the social issues of the country through his films. Through this film he has tried to show Peeing in the Open and sanitation problems. The film has been shot in the real places of Mumbai. It also highlighted the beautiful relationship between the mother and the son. That’s all in today’s post if you like the post then dont forget to like share and follow us, Thank you.

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