Miss France 2020 “: Not a pretty pretty promotion

Miss France 2020

Miss France 2020: GAME OF COURONNE In an interview with the newspaper “Le Parisien”, Sylvie Tellier, the director of the organization Miss France, confided in the unfriendly 2019 promotion which is facing off tonight

“I have no place for the plagues,” says Sylvie Tellier, who feels a bit annoyed, at the end of the interview published in Le Parisien.

Approaching the most famous beauty contest in France which will take place this evening on TF1, the director confided in the atmosphere that has reigned in recent weeks between the candidates.

The thirty candidates had to meet on their training trip to Tahiti upon their arrival in Marseille where the competition is being held.

If Vaimalama Chaves’ promotion was “very caring”, this year’s spirit seems more ferocious. “This time, there were tensions and some clashes in the group.

Miss France 2020

It is rare that I have to speak two or three times to say: “Girls is a human adventure … be nice,” “says Sylvie Tellier without, of course, giving names.

“A young woman who is unable to live a month in a group cannot be Miss France. ”

The former Miss France 2002 specifies: “It was mainly bad camaraderie with attempts at destabilization, small cowards.

“But the trap could well turn against the most competitive candidates because Sylvie Tellier asserts that behavior (like the general knowledge test) will weigh in the balance for the prestigious crown.