Megan Gale

Megan Gale

Megan Gale
Megan Gale, what happened to her and how She is today with husband and beautiful children

Did you forget Megan Gale’s gaze? Between 1999 and 2006 She massacred hearts in Italy and beyond. The Australian model was around twenty-five when she achieved success, becoming a testimonial for the old Omnitel phone company. The fame achieved allowed overseas beauty to take the stage of the Sanremo Festival as a splendid valley in 2001, alongside Raffaella Carrà.

Megan Gale paraded through the most prestigious catwalks in the world. Emerald gazes, raven hair, out of the ordinary features and screaming physique made it an international icon. From 2008, however, the wearer returned home and decided to move away from the scenes, and from that moment little and nothing was known. Today the Australian Venus has a totally different life, but its charm remains intact.

Megan Gale did not immediately realize how much glory she had received in Italy, thanks to a simple commercial. The telephone company gave her the pass to a brilliant ascent into show business. Some time ago, She recounted her reaction with amusement, once She realized how famous it had become in our peninsula: “The first time I arrived was scary, the Omnitel spot had been on the air for a while and I was already famous, without knowing it. Everyone recognized me and spoke to me: I didn’t understand a word, I just smiled. I seemed stupid. ” Today Megan is far from Italy, but always remembers her with great gratitude and affection.

Megan Gale is now the mother of two beautiful children, one boy and one girl: River Alan Thomas Hampson, born May 13, 2014 and Rosie May Dee Hampson born October 6, 2017.

Megan Gale, and father of her children, is called Shaun Hampson and is an Australian football player. Their great love blossomed in 2011, and it is still evident how close they are. Today through the ex model’s Instagram profile you can admire many photos and videos of his beautiful and joyful family.

Megan Gale has always been very committed to social issues. In recent years she has founded an organization, of which she is an ambassador, aimed at defending the rights of Aboriginal people in New Zealand. The sexy symbol has also dealt with campaigns to combat animal abuse, to face city vandalism in defense of historical monuments, and has participated with great involvement in the cause for the prevention of breast and ovarian cancer. The beauty icon, then returned to the limelight in 2015, like lightning in a clear sky, making everyone go crazy again, starring in the third film of the saga Mad Max by George Miller. In the same year She lays everyone on the red carpet of the 68th Cannes Film Festival, refreshing the public’s memory.

Megan Gale was born in Australia, in Medina, on August 7, 1975. Her zodiac sign is Leo, and it is evident by admiring her safety in the spotlight. Her father is of English origin, the mother is a Maori-Polynesian and it is to her that she owes her bronze complexion and the fantastic green that shines in her elongated eyes. The former testimonial is 180 centimeters tall and weighs about 60 kilograms. The Australian nymph over the years has shown great sensitivity, courage and depth of mind, blended with an charm out of the ordinary, making her even more beautiful than what was believed.

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