Lady Gaga US Tour – Fan fell down from the stage as soon as she lifted Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga US Tour

Lady Gaga Us Tour


Lady Gaga US Tour A video of Oscar Award winner Lady Gaga is going viral on social media these days.

In the video, she is seen falling from the stage with her fan during a live concert.

Indeed, recently Lady Gaga performed a stage show. During this, one of her fans comes on stage to meet her.

Lady Gaga embraces her while honoring her fan.

Lady Gaga US tour After a while, Fan picks up Lady Gaga, but as soon as Fan picks them up, her balance is disturbed, which causes her to fall down from the stage with Lady Gaga.

Seeing this incident, there is noise around the stage, but shortly after, Lady Gaga says in her mic that everything is fine. After this, Leggie Gaga again goes on stage with her fan and hugs her again. This video of Lady Gaga and Fan is getting viral on social media.

This video of her has been shared by an Instagram user named enigmaupdates. Let us tell you that pop superstar Lady Gaga has received the Oscar for ‘Best Original Song’ for singing ‘Shallow’ from ‘A Star is Born’.

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