Kim Kardashian has Shown the secret of Hot breast

Kim Kardashian has Shown the secret of Hot breast

The 39-year-old reality star showed provocative footage of a Topless model. Kim Kardashian has demonstrated its beauty new.

Businesswoman and model were one of the first to wear revealing outfits without the bustier. Kim said the sacrifices she was going for it. In recognition of Kardashian, before she used regular masking tape, to provide ideal support to the neckline.

But it is not designed for this. Duct tape hurts to pull out from the chest, in the end, Kardashian was often damaged delicate skin. “There was a burning sensation around the nipples. Tapelike tearing my skin,” she said.

Kim Kardashian

The representative of the famous telecomasia launched beauty new product under its brand SKIMS the body. This special tape to support the breast. It comes in three color options for different skin tones. (Kim Kardashian)

Kim Kardashian has revealed the secret of sexy breast

“I’ll show you, how to tape your Breasts band, is the fact, that I used for many years. Basically, the tape works like a bodice, when the bra just does not fit, especially if you wear a blazer without a shirt and a dress with a low neckline,” said Kim.

The wife of rapper Kanye West posted a video, where her assistant appeared Topless. Nipples concealed special pads, which is also in the lineup. Then Kim cut a piece of tape and gently stuck it on the chest. Kim wore the girl blazer and showed, as the area of her neckline looks nice without a bra.

After that, Kardashian asked the model to remove the tape from the body. Star demonstrated, how easy and painless this tape comes off, leaving no residue on the skin. (Kim Kardashian)

Previously, the star appeared at the star event in a slinky dress made of snakeskin. Kim spoke about his legendary dress, which removed the artificial nipples at the request of the husband. Kardashian confessed, that she quarrels with Kanye West.

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