Kikkan Randall – Olympic champion was diagnosed with cancer

Kikkan Randall – Olympic champion was diagnosed with cancer

35-year-old American skier Kikkan Randall (Kikkan Randall) won the gold medal at the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang in 2018. Kikkan was the best in the team sprint in the USA national team.

Previously, she received silver and bronze in the individual sprint at the World Championships 2009 and 2017, as well as gold in the team sprint at the 2013 world Cup.

American skier Kikkan Randall

11 Jul champion announced on Twitter, that she was diagnosed with cancer. “Recently I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Despite the fact, that doctors discovered the disease early and give optimistic forecasts, it would change my life in the coming months”, — said the athlete.

Now Kikkan will undergo a course of chemotherapy and rehabilitation. Because of illness, the skier will have to forget about sports.

The fans support the gold medalist of the Olympic games: “You’re one of the strongest athletes, I have witnessed. You are a strong man and can fight. I hope, that the road will be smooth and painless”, “Your courage and physical condition will help you to overcome everything”, “I wish you all the love, support, and strength, which can give the world. You are amazing and inspire many by his example.”

In 2008, Kikkan Randall was married to ski racer Jeff Ellis. The couple two-year-old son of Breck Stewart.

American skier Kikkan Randall – American skier Kikkan Randall

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