Kate Upton -Justin Verlander - Houston Astros

Kate Upton Scared

Kate Upton -Justin Verlander - Houston Astros

Kate Upton or I just say Supermodel Kate Upton says she was horrified at the way people started looking at her after the first photo of her appeared on the cover of ‘Sports Illustrated’ magazine.

Upton said that for the first time since being featured on a Sports Illustrated cover, I was terrified for a month. Every boy I met, whether married or married, I used to think that I am their bachelor, or something else.

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According to the website ‘sshobiz.com’, 21-year-old Upton felt that She was a toy in the hands of people around her.

She told that she once wore a cross given to her mother around the neck for a photoshoot, but a person on the set took it off and said, “Why are you wearing a cross?” It looks like you are going to be religious. ”

Despite previous experiences, Upton wants a loving relationship with a boy.

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