Kaia Gerber: Pete Davidson and Kaia Gerber spotted in New York

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Kaia Gerber: Pete Davidson and Kaia Gerber spotted in New York

Kaya Gerber: Pete Davidson and Kaya Gerber spotted in New York

Late last week, it became known that 25-year-old Pete Davidson broke up with 24-year-old Margaret Cuelli. The comedian did not worry about this for a long time and, it seems, had already embarked on a new love adventure. The other day he was seen on a date with 18-year-old Kaya Gerber.

The pair fell into the lenses of one of the fans in one of the coffee shops in New York. In the photo that the eyewitness immediately shared on his Instagram, you can see how Pete tells Kaye something funny while she looks at her phone with a smile on her face.

There are no other details of the meeting between Pete and daughter Cindy Crawford – representatives of the stars have not yet commented on the rumors about their romance to reporters.

Recall that recently, Pete Davidson broke up with Margaret Quelli – after several months of romance, they decided to remain friends. Before Margaret, he briefly met with Kate Beckinsale , and before that he was engaged to Ariana Grande.

Kaya Gerber, in turn, was in a relationship with model Wellington Grant – the last time they were spotted together by the paparazzi in February of this year. However, this affair quickly ended due to Kaya’s strong employment. So, in one of her recent interviews with the British Vogue, the girl admitted that sometimes she gets so tired at work that she simply does not have the strength to flirt with anyone. At the same time, Gerber admitted that she does not lose hope once “to find love for life.”

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