Is Juice Jacking Really a Virus?

Juice Jacking a New Cyber Attack

Juice Jacking is a new Cyber Attack that has been surfacing all over the Internet. It is a security risk that will take you through your computer and steal information from your computer. The Juice Jackers is popping up all over the internet; however, there is one name you must be aware of.

Juice Jacking is an extremely dangerous program that will automatically install itself on your computer. It then downloads and installs other software onto your computer that will allow them to spy on your every action while you are online. This software will also gather information from your emails, personal contact lists, and other programs.


This program is not being advertised as a virus or worm. They are simply programs that are doing what they do; however, you will never know when they will start injecting themselves into your computer. Once they do, you will never be able to get it off of your computer.

It is very important to protect yourself from Juice Jacking once you have downloaded it onto your computer. There are several ways to do this, but the most important one is to use a firewall.

Juice Jacking

A firewall is a program that will scan your computer and detect and remove any of the programs that are on your computer. The reason why a firewall is so important is that it will make the Juice Jackers not works.

One program that has been removed from many computers is the “UPX” which is used to repair many programs. UPX will remove programs from your computer without actually removing them. The other programs that UPX will remove are vital programs such as antivirus and registry cleaner.

You should never download a program that has the same name as UPX. This is a great way to remove a program that is known to cause viruses and worms. However, you should never download anything that has the same name.

One program that you may want to use is the “Xtend”. This program will actually help protect your computer from Juice Jacking. This program will not actually remove any programs, but it will protect your computer from the Juice Jackers.

The only thing you need to do is download “Xtend” and install it onto your computer. After it is installed, your computer will automatically start protecting your computer from Juice Jacking.

There are several websites that you can use to remove these programs that Juice Jackers. These sites will search through thousands of virus and worm programs that are found on the internet. They will remove these programs for you, saving you the time and trouble.

No matter what program you choose to remove the Juice Jackers from your computer, you will always want to download the most trusted programs. This will ensure that your computer will not have to deal with the security threat of Juice Jacking. Once the virus is removed, you will never have to worry about it again.