Investing in stock market – Latest Amazon Stock Earning Report

Investing in Stock market – Latest Amazon Stock Earning Report


Investing in Stock market

Investing in Stock market is a very good option because it will give you extra income. if you are thinking of investing in Stock Market so it is advisable to double-check before investing in Stock Market.

Amazon is a very good company and earns a lot so don’t panic if you have invested in Amazon because the research says that if you are a long term investor then you will have to get very good benefits. Recently Amazon stocks Stumble it doesn’t mean Amazon will fall.

Here is the Latest Amazon Stock Earning report for you. Investing in Stock market

(BFM Stock Exchange) – The title of the US online trading giant loses more than 8% at the opening and falls to its lowest level since June, the growth of its quarterly revenue was not enough to grant the analysts’ expectations.

investing in Stock market

In the third quarter of 2018, Amazon’s revenue grew by 29% (30% excluding currency effects) to reach $ 56.6 billion. This amount (in comparison, greater than the cumulative revenue of L’Oréal and Danone – in one year), has disappointed the market and should be worth a severe correction to the Seattle group.

On average, analysts expected $ 57.07 billion in revenue in the past quarter, according to the consensus established by Bloomberg.

At the same time, with a net profit of $ 2.883 billion, Amazon’s earnings per share amounted to $ 5.75, this time exceeding the consensus of $ 5.62. “We are not slowing down,” Bezos said in a statement. In particular, the group’s founder highlighted the rapid expansion of Amazon Business, its marketplace dedicated to professionals, which is gaining more and more customers not only among companies (now more than half of the 100 largest US companies) but also on the community side. Revenue from its Amazon Web Services business (including cloud services) grew by 46 percent over the period to $ 6.679 billion.

Exceeded by Microsoft

For the fourth quarter, the company also said it expected revenue of $ 2.1 billion to $ 3.6 billion in the final quarter of 2018, with the low end of this range stagnating relative to the fourth quarter. fourth quarter of 2017, which also puzzled investors.

Given the expected decline in the stock, Amazon has sold its second-tier global share to another group on the US West Coast: Microsoft. The latter, who unveiled its quarterly results 24 hours ago, had already jumped 5.8% Thursday.

Around 15:46 this Friday, Amazon’s action was down 8.78% to 1.625 dollars.

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