How to write content for the website – COME TO THE FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE

How to write content for the website – COME TO THE FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE

How to write content for the website – COME TO THE FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE: Learn the number one reason why a visitor besides Google loves your website. Understand that by creating quality content you will increase your sales, gain fanatics and multiply your customer base.

How do you do all this cool stuff? Read the following article carefully and use it immediately, creating content that the user searches for daily on search engines! The recipe for online success may be very simple, but creating unique content that the user searches for often ends up being very difficult for the average website or blog owner.(How to write content for the website)

Why is quality content the number one SEO strategy?

Perhaps one of the most important things on a website is content. Imagine that as soon as you turn on the TV and the first channel you have nothing to see. What would you do? You would change channels.

This is how the internet works. If the websites you visit are empty or do not have good quality content, then you would probably leave these websites and look for some that are of interest to you. In this regard, the content of your page is the king of the game and wins whatever you do!

Qualitative Advantages

The revolutionary content creates passive traffic to your page. The move could be said to be divided into active and passive. Passive is the traffic that you do not create, while active is the intentional traffic that you create with your posts on social media, with the advertising of your website and with the overall promotion of your website other than SEO. (How to write content for the website)

The incredible content favors the creation of links ( backlink creation ) to your page. This way you gain popularity and increase the PageRank of your page. The higher your PageRank, the better for your position in search engine results.

The quality content increases your position in search engine results. Personally, I’ve been on the first page of Google many times, but the basic philosophy has been to create incredibly unique and timeless content for my page and then attract visitors and keep them. (How to write content for the website)

The timeless content is the best SEO strategy for your page. No matter how good you do outside of SEO, you will not have long-term success if you cannot keep a visitor on your page. Classic content or pillar articles is the content that will support your website and bring the most people in the long run. Classic content is what will stand the test of time and will withstand the increasing competition of Google from the new sites that come to the fore every day.

The unique content creates sales and conversions. At the same time reduces the bounce rate of your page (bounce rate) and increases conversions (conversion rate). Conversion from visitors to the customer means that percentage of visitors that eventually turns into a customer.

The irresistible content is what will make you famous, famous and end rich. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of the personal branding strategy, where you project yourself as an expert on a topic in the eyes of the public so you gain first impressions. You gain more prestige and your prospective customers trust you more. (How to write content for the website)

What is the unique content?

Unique content is texts, videos, software, applications and anything you have created within your page and captures the looks and interest of your visitors. A unique content strategy is to give visitors a free report, a service or a unique product for free in exchange for registering visitors to your list.

When we say content, we don’t just mean texts and photos. Content includes videos, songs, music, audiobooks, products and all the useful information that accompanies them. A book that you can give for free from your website or reviews on a book that is useful to the end-user is part of the content.

You need to create new content regularly and update your website or online store. You can also improve the text on your new site and add new pages with new keywords. (How to write content for the website)

You will need to create a new article, a new page or add a new product to your e-shop at least once a week. This way, you send a message to Google that your website has fresh content, is not a zombie page, and invites Google’s robots and spiders to sort this new content and bring in new traffic and new visitors.

How to create irresistible content

You must first set a goal before you even start your page that you will always create unique and irresistible content that will motivate people and bring results. Then you need to look at the content of the high traffic pages. (How to write content for the website)

Take such a page as a template page that you would like to look like and apply the same content strategy to it. What makes this page unique? What would you like to look like?

Take the time it takes to create unique content. Good content usually takes one to six months to create and so much more time to succeed. Never give up. (How to write content for the website)

Find an item in which you are good at it or you are particularly excited about it and deal with it. Relax and find sources of inspiration. Then create a timeline for how much time you plan to spend to accomplish your goal of creating amazing content.

Create Content and High Traffic Formula

The so-called High Traffic Formula is very simple and consists of 3 steps that everyone can take. These are:


  1. I am writing an article on my blog
  1. I post the article on my blog
  1. I share the article on social media


So simple. Everyone can do it, so everyone can gain uninterrupted traffic to their website depending on the market. In order not to be confused, I must emphasize that the content precedes the traffic and SEO. (How to write content for the website)

In fact, the right and good content are intertwined with SEO, since it is not possible to do SEO on a site that does not have content or that has very subtle content.

Thin content is pages with less than 300 words, stolen content or junk content that has no value. In general, the oldest classic practice of spamming was to create internal pages with little or no useful content, which were inflated with keywords.

These were pages written exclusively for search engines and were not aimed at people. In order not to fall into the spam category, you need to create content exclusively for the world and not for search engines.(How to write content for the website)

The reason High Traffic Formula is successful is that it is:


  1. free and
  2. is based on content


Only with focused hard work will you be able to succeed on the internet and this will only happen if you do things you can do every day. And what you need to do every day is to create content for your e-shop or for your site. (How to write content for the website)

How to write content for the website

Remember that no matter what you do, practice it.

How to write content for the website - COME TO THE FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE


The experiment of the hundredth monkey and the 100 days of blogging

In the so-called experimental monkey experiment, a famous English zoologist Dr. Lyall Watson observed that isolated populations of monkeys began to wash and eat the fruits of the sweet potato for the first time when the hundredth monkey ate. These populations were separated by many miles of the sea as they were located on different islands.

In other words, it was observed that a quantum leap took place in the centimeter monkey and this knowledge was made that the sweet potato is eaten after washing the property of the collective unconscious of all populations of monkeys worldwide. (How to write content for the website)


The same analogy exists in creating content, but also in my favorite hobby, blogging. Personally, I’m a fanatical blogger and in my article Blogging Marathon: What I Learned After 100 Days of Blogging I mentioned that we need to write a hundred articles on a blog to break the Google barrier and be seen as existing.

The same goes for e-shops because we need at least 100 products to show that our online store exists. The same goes for the centimeter customer etc. (How to write content for the website)

Of course, just because we publish 100 articles does not mean that our success is guaranteed. But we will be able to create enough content to increase our visibility to Google.

7 practical tools for creating content

1. Quora

How to write content for the website - COME TO THE FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE

The most popular social networking platform to play zucchini. Ask and answer everything. You can search for all the most popular questions and see the pulse of the market. The basic philosophy in creating the right content is to find out what the market needs today and offer it on your website.


2. Trapit

How to write content for the website - COME TO THE FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE

It is a content discovery application. The application adapts to your measures and needs. He also learns from the feedback you give them. (How to write content for the website)


3.  Audacity

How to write content for the website - COME TO THE FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE

A free tool for recording voice and creating podcasts that you can share on sites such as iTunes, Stitcher Radio, Soundcloud, and Mixcloud.


4.  Camtasia Studio

How to write content for the website - COME TO THE FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE

My favorite video recording tool on your computer screen. For Mac users, you can use Screenflow. With Camtasia Studio, I have recorded and edited all the videos that I have uploaded to social media videos, YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and Myspace.


5.  Jing

A free tool from the same company that created Camtasia to record your screen in the video for up to 5 minutes and take photos of your screen. (How to write content for the website)


6.  Photoshop

Photoshop is Adobe’s graphic suite that isn’t just for graphic designers. You can use it to edit your own photos, create new graphics and infographics.


7. Yahoo News 

Yahoo news, as well as Google News, is a service that brings together the most basic titles and articles from the most up-to-date and reliable news blogs today. You can learn the pulse of the news and see now topics are the hottest to deal with.

I use the above tools almost every day to create content on my blog but also on a customer blog that I manage. I think they are at least essential for every website owner. (How to write content for the website)

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