How to make money on twitter – Can You Make Money on Twitter-Go Gyan Pedia

How to make money on twitter - Can You Make Money on Twitter-Go Gyan Pedia

How to Make Money on Twitter – Can You Make Money on Twitter

Twitter is a microblogging service that has gained particular popularity today. The ability to quickly share thoughts and ideas with others and constantly be in the know about events has made him one of the main world platforms for communication. Like most large resources with a huge audience, Twitter provides opportunities for earning.

We will tell in this article how microblogging on Twitter can bring not only the joy of self-expression but also income.

1. Direct advertising

A common way to make money on your Twitter account is to place advertisements for advertisers. If you are read and regularly retweeted (in other words, share your publication with other users by posting it in your account), then there are probably companies that want to advertise their products and services on your blog. To analyze the effectiveness of advertising, namely the ratio of clicks to impressions of tweets, you can use the Yandex. Metrica service or Google Analytics.

2. Monetization of the profile picture

You can earn on Twitter using the picture of your profile (in other words, the background). Today, many advertisers are willing to pay money for placing their ads in the header of popular accounts. Why not support them in this and provide yourself with additional income.

3. Use personal data

On the Internet, anything can become a source of income. Including information about you. This, of course, is not about any secret data. Even your biography will help you make money on Twitter (a section in the profile for brief information about yourself). This is not to say that this is the most effective option that Twitter offers, but it’s quite possible to get some income from the selling replicas or links placed in this section.

4. Pop-up advertising

The way to use it professionally and very carefully. Ads that appear when you click links in your tweets can annoy readers, so be careful. Such earnings on Twitter will consist of payment for every 1000 impressions of the advertisement.

5. Search for sponsors

Twitter provides great sponsorship opportunities. If you managed to gather an impressive audience of readers, if your posts are interesting, reflect the current direction, if they are retweeted and commented on, you will definitely be noticed.

6. Brand building

Earnings on Twitter can be organized not only by receiving money from advertising. By launching a commercial microblog and making it popular, you can help your business reach new heights. For example, to create a favorable image of your company, increase the level of trust of the target audience, find new customers, personal PR on Twitter. You should not miss the chance to expand your target audience.

7. Affiliate links

Twitter provides an opportunity to earn income from affiliate programs. This income will consist of payment for specific actions of users on the affiliate site (registration, purchase, filling out a form, etc.). To work effectively in this direction, you need a large audience of readers (which means an interesting microblog, popular topics, relevant tweets). If you seriously want to secure your earnings on Twitter, the quality of the products offered by the partner will play an important role. Pay attention to this, readers may be disappointed in you, and you will lose part of the audience.

8. New developments

To make money on the Internet, it is important to monitor new trends or create them yourself. An example of successful innovation is the ability to order unique backgrounds and plugins for microblogging.

9. Useful contacts

On Twitter today you can see progressive youth, and respectable businessmen, and influential politicians. People who can teach you something, contribute to the growth of your career, become sponsors are priceless.

Tweet Cost

The minimum cost of a tweet on the Balogun service is 15 rubles. The cost of a tweet depends on the popularity, more precisely, the ranking of sites and blogs. The higher the rating of your blog, the more you will earn on it. For example, the cost of a tweet on the microblog of the famous socialite and TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak reaches 200,000 rubles per post.

Why earnings on Twitter?

An account can be promoted in a short time. The efficiency of the appearance of information is both a plus and a minus for those who create an account for earning. On the one hand, you can quickly get an audience response. On the other hand, you cannot shut up, as followers (microblog readers) quickly switch to something else and instantly forget the news.
The ability to convey information and advertising to a large number of people in the shortest possible time.
Responsiveness: the effectiveness of the chosen marketing strategy is manifested very quickly.

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