How to delete instagram account – how to delete instagram

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How to delete instagram account - how to delete instagram

How to delete instagram account – how to delete instagram

How to delete instagram account – how to delete instagram
Guide to delete Instagram account
Tired of sharing your moments with Instagram followers? If you have made the decision to delete your account permanently or only temporarily, read our guide.
Instagram has become the most used social network for taking photos, adding filters and also for sharing stories with your followers . Unfortunately, however, all this could be rather invasive for your privacy or perhaps you have noticed that in the last period you have become too social addicted and are neglecting your friends, your family or your dog and you have decided to avoid giving up to live social relationships at the expense of this platform!

Well, whether you have been registered for some time or you have recently used this application, but you think it is not for you, you are in the right place! If you want to permanently delete your Instagram profile but don’t know how to do it, don’t worry, in this guide you will find out how you can delete an Instagram profile quickly. In fact, as well as being very quick, this is a simple operation that takes just a few minutes!

The only negative thing is that when you decide to delete the Instagram profile you cannot retrace your steps or even create a new profile with the same username.
When you delete an Instagram account, photos, videos, comments, people followed and followers will also be deleted. So, before making this final decision, you can temporarily deactivate the profile . Don’t worry, because always in this post, we will also explain how to temporarily disable your account. So what are you waiting for, get comfortable and let’s see together the complete procedure to delete an Instagram account!
If you have decided to delete an Instagram profile , as previously mentioned, the photos and videos are also deleted. So, before proceeding with the deletion of your Instagram profile, we explain how to save the photos on your account.
To back up all the images on your profile, you can download the free 4K Stogram software , available for both Windows and Mac.

Go to the manufacturer’s website to download the program to your computer. After downloading 4K Stogram and accepting the terms of the license agreement, click Install and then open it: type your username (the one you use to access Instagram) in the search bar that appears at the top of the program window . Finally, click on Subscribe and you will automatically find all the photos on Instagram on your PC .
Once you have backed up the photos on your account, you are ready to find out how to delete the Instagram profile permanently . To do this, you must know that you cannot absolutely delete your Instagram account from the App, but the operation is possible only by logging in from the Instagram website.
To cancel an Instagram account you must:

Connect to the Instagram page to remove the accounts by clicking here
Log in to Instagram by typing the username and password of your account;
Enter, next to the item “Why are you deleting your account” , the reason why you intend to unsubscribe from Instagram. What you need to do is select an option from the dropdown menu.
Re-enter your account password in the field that appears at the bottom of the page;
Click on Delete my account permanently .
At this point you can proceed to delete the Instagram application from your smartphone.

For Android mobiles you must:

Open Settings;
Please tap on Instagram;
Touch Uninstall.
For iPhone mobiles you must:

Search for the application you want to remove: in your case search for Instagram ;
Press and hold the application icon ;
Touch the X button that appears in the upper left corner of the App icon.
Click on Delete .
If you want to temporarily disable the Instagram profile, you can read our guide from this point on.
As for the elimination of the momentary Instagram account it is not possible to use the Instagram app to do it, but you will have to use the browser on your PC.
To disable your Instagram profile you must:

Access this page ;
Log in with your account data;
Click on the little man icon located at the top right. This allows us to access our personal profile;
Select Edit profile ;
Click the item Temporarily disable my account;
Choose the reason why you intend to Disable the account, placed next to the words “Why are you deactivating your account?” ;
Re-enter the password;
Click Temporarily disable your account .
Once this is done, to reactivate the Instagram account, simply log in with your profile again and authorize its reactivation.

Well! Now that you have completed the reading of our guide you will perfectly know how to proceed to delete your Instagram account permanently or temporarily.

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