How to control your thoughts – 3 Proven Tips – Control Your Mind & Thoughts

How to control your thoughts – Control your mind & thoughts

How to control your thoughts - 3 Proven Tips - Control Your Mind & Thoughts

How to control your thoughts – Control your mind & thoughts: How we think is the most important thing in our entire life.

The world would be more peaceful and healthier if people could manage their thoughts and keep them under control right from birth. How we think is the key to our entire life. With the right thinking, no single event can make a person lose himself. Any cognitive psychotherapist will be able to prove it.

You might think I am writing this all on the move. But, there are many people such as Aaron Beck and Albert Ellis who created cognitive therapy, which is a way to work on your thoughts. I decided to combine all the information from their books into one article. This will not be the end of the story, but it will give you an overview of the key points.

2 Examples

1. Dating a girl

Imagine a man who is shy about approaching a girl on the streets and wants to meet her. What is his typical thinking? It might look something like this: “If she rejects me, then it will make me look stupid in front of people” or “What happens if she has a boyfriend who clearly is not happy with my approach?” This way of thinking will ensure that this person never approaches a girl to date.

He could quickly get to know the other person if he focused on his thoughts and wrote rational judgments in a journal. You might be wondering what you should write in this case. It will look like this: “I don’t know what will happen to me if I go up with this girl. And I won’t know until it happens. We may never get to know one another, but that is okay. The worst thing that could happen is that we don’t get along with each other.


How to control your thoughts - Control your mind & thoughts


He will be able to approach a girl almost fearlessly if he keeps these thoughts in his notebook. He will find it easier the second time around. He worked through the situation and removed any unnecessary restrictions from his head.

2. Girl awaiting the exam results

The girl is anxiously awaiting the results of her exam. She says something along the lines of “If I fail to pass the exam, it would be horrible, and there is no reason to live any longer.”


How to control your thoughts - Control your mind & thoughts


She will feel in constant tension if she thinks like this. She could replace her thoughts with “I did all I could, but now nothing depends upon me.” The worst thing that could happen is that I don’t pass the exam. But, I will try again. “Then after a while, there would be no trace of her stress.

How to control your thoughts – Control your mind & thoughts

Everyone can have correct thinking if they desire it with fervent passion. You need to change your behavior in order to achieve this.

Psychotherapists are not to be avoided

This approach makes it easier to deal with each situation and opens up new possibilities. Unfortunately, this is not something they teach in Russia. You can still seek help from a cognitive-behavioral psychologist who can assist you with this work. After all, our entire existence depends on our initial thoughts. Psychotherapists are not psychiatrists that will prescribe you pills or inject you.

2. Write down your thoughts

Is it difficult to find the right words every time you write? This is because this is not something you were taught from childhood. You have written essays, presentations, and dictations for at least 9 years in school – but only for the sake of a certain type of assessment and a certificate. These evaluations are not as important as working on your thoughts. Your life will change quickly if you are willing to take responsibility for your thoughts.


3. Take care of yourself

fitness motivation and Physical wellness

Unfortunately, many people start to drink alcohol and take other drugs instead of working on themselves. Yes, this is a fast way to get rid of unnecessary thoughts and escape harsh realities, but it can also be extremely dangerous. I’m sure you already know this.

To learn how to engage your thoughts specifically, you can either read books by Aaron Beck or Albert Ellis or work with a cognitive therapist. You will find yourself addicted to the business if you can work through at least one difficult situation. This will ensure that you never experience depression, anxiety, or neurosis. You will see many options for your life, which is what depressed people who feel like their lives are at a halt lack.

How to be smart or How to become more intelligent


It’s basically the same. I’ll be closing the article. I hope you found this useful. I hope you will use this information for your own good and stay healthy throughout your entire life.


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