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How to find out if you are smarter than the average
There are some behaviors and traits that researchers believe are more associated with a high level of intelligence. Obviously, as the same scholars are keen to emphasize, the correlation of the elements is not equivalent to extreme intelligence. In fact, buying a cat, occasionally consuming drugs and losing weight will not increase one’s IQ suddenly.

The eight signs that you are smarter than the average
Some researchers have discovered 8 recurrent elements in people who have an IQ higher than the average:

Being the eldest son. Older children are generally smarter, but not genetically. A 2007 study suggested that intelligence depends on psychology and family dynamics.
Take music lesson. A 2011 study found that verbal intelligence in children between the ages of 4 and 6 is increased after a month of music lessons.
Not smoking. A 2010 research conducted in Israel on 20,000 young boys, aged 18 to 21, found that on average smokers have an IQ of 94, while non-smokers have 101.
To be thin. A fit body is closely connected to a healthy mind. According to a 2006 French study, obese subjects can remember about 44% of the words contained in the dictionary, compared to 56% of thin subjects.
Being left-handed. Recent studies have associated being left-handed with “divergent thinking”, a form of creativity that allows us to always have new ideas.
Consume drugs occasionally. A 2012 study found a correlation between a high IQ in childhood and the use of illegal substances in adulthood. This could suggest a link between high IQ and the choice of dangerous behavior.
Have a cat. In 2014, it was discovered that “dog” people were much more sociable than “cat” ones, instead they were more intelligent. This could be explained by the behavior adopted by people who prefer cats, generally more introverted and dedicated to intellectual diversions.
Be tall. A Princeton study revealed that the most preschoolers, so before the age of three, were the most intelligent according to cognitive tests.
Is the IQ fixed?
Although some people believe that intelligence is limited to those who possess a high IQ, there are a number of potential methods to increase cognitive skills and become suitable for various professions and activities. With sufficient motivation and determination, anyone can expand their mental capacity and become smarter.
How do you get smarter?
By integrating new habits into one’s daily routine and the right stimuli it is possible to sharpen one’s intellect quickly and be in a perpetual state of wanting to face new challenges every day. Brain health is very important in these cases.

Here are the most suggested activities to keep your brain active:
to make new experiences, to create new neural pathways and strengthen the brain;
to visit new places, be it a new bar or restaurant, take a different path for work or travel to a new place, even the smallest change is good for the brain. Going to a different restaurant forces the subject to read a new menu and not always take the same things. Traveling in a country you have never seen allows you to abandon the comfort zone and relate to new lifestyles, new accents, new languages. In this way, the brain is forced to face unexpected new challenges. For example, learning to communicate through language barriers allows the brain to develop new creative methods to express needs and emotions, while listening to new music, trying new food and practicing roads never done before allows the brain to adapt to new situations;
never stop learning, even as adults, continuing to invest in their own education allows the brain to create new connections and build greater intelligence;
getting information, spending half an hour reading the newspaper or watching the news allows the brain to remain active;
reading books, is the most basic activity to facilitate the activity of the brain and often presents many different opportunities to strengthen its capabilities. Reading allows you to learn new words, have correct examples of the use of grammar and offers the opportunity to connect reality and literature, to travel with the mind in new places and to have incredible experiences;
approaching work in a new way, the work environment allows us to always have new experiences, solve problems in a creative way and contribute to the creation of new ideas;
always questioning oneself;
provide the brain with the right stimuli to train it;
in case of problems, always ask yourself the five questions to get to the root of the problem;
refrain from technology to increase the ability of the brain to solve problems, for example by traveling without GPS;
encouraging creativity can help the mind open up to new possibilities. It is known, in fact, that the minds of artists can always find new and fresh solutions. This is why it is advisable to draw, paint, play an instrument, write and act;
working with others and interacting with people allows you to go beyond your limits and see things from a different perspective;
sharing information with other people allows you to have a more creative inspiration and always learn new things;
exercise and adopt a healthy diet, to stimulate brain activity and improve physical fitness;
meditating helps to calm and balance the brain.
As you can see, there is no need for the neuroscience council to understand how to spend your free time in an active and intelligent way. Keeping the brain active is always important, both at a young age and in old age.

What do you do in your spare time? What do you do to broaden your horizons and your vision of reality? Write it in the comments! Your experience could inspire someone!

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