How to be Intelligent: How to Become Extremely Intelligent Check to see if you have developed them too

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How to be Intelligent: How to Become Extremely Intelligent

How to be Intelligent: How to Become Extremely Intelligent: Intelligence is like a muscle – when trained it grows and strengthens, and when forgotten – it weakens and disappears. It is necessary to use your mind daily to keep it sharp. Extremely intelligent people are very diverse but often have common habits. Here are some of them.

Of course, not all smart people have these habits. And not everyone who fits this description is necessarily very smart. The principle is similar to the habits of 5 extremely stupid people. However, these habits are beneficial for personal development and should be developed.

1. They spend enough time sleeping

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It is believed that smart people want to work and study alone, so they forget to fall asleep. This is not true. Sleep is essential for a healthy brain, and a perfectly timed daily routine allows you to maintain a healthy psyche. Immanuel Kant and Benjamin Franklin slept at least 7 hours a day. Albert Einstein, meanwhile, was a big fan of regular, steady sleep. He slept for as long as 10 hours a day. And behold, Sigmund Freud slept 6 hours a day but never shortened that time. (How to be Intelligent: How to Become Extremely Intelligent)

By the way, smart people often work until late and fall asleep all morning, which is why they are often called owls.

2. They are looking for their flaws

How to be Intelligent: How to Become Extremely Intelligent

It seems like extremely smart people should be self-confident, but they often ask questions about themselves in search of their weaknesses. A 1999 study at Cornell University found that incompetent people are unaware that they exist. Meanwhile, extremely smart people know their shortcomings and are actively looking for them. Smart people are self-critical, aware of the limits of their knowledge and skills, and therefore remain modest in certain situations.

3. They work for hours on end

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The ability to concentrate is a skill. If you are healthy, you should be able to concentrate, but you need to get used to it. Extremely intelligent people practice this skill and can work hours upon hours, ignoring all distractions. A study conducted in 2013 demonstrated this in practice – people with higher IQ had more difficulty noticing movements in the background of the main object. That is, they focused all their attention on the subject of the video and did not pay attention to what did not seem important to them. (How to be Intelligent: How to Become Extremely Intelligent)

4. Meditation

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Einstein, Charles Darwin, Friedrich Nyche, and many other world-famous geniuses spent at least a few hours a day meditating. They didn’t call it that, but they allowed themselves to sink into their own minds, developing ideas without any external source and stimuli. It’s like an internal conversation with yourself, encouraging creativity and problem-solving skills. Sometimes it’s just dreaming looking out the window. And sometimes, as in Darwin’s case, a walk on the “path of thought”.

How to be Intelligent: How to Become Extremely Intelligent

5. They read a lot

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This is not a big surprise, because curiosity is one of the main features of the way of extremely intelligent people. All people with high intelligence read a lot. Most importantly, they read a variety of books that are not necessarily related to their main area of ​​interest. This is how they broaden their horizons and learn. Reading improves memory, teaches teaching, improves concentration, improves problem-solving skills. (How to be Intelligent: How to Become Extremely Intelligent)

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