How to be funny: Scientists Have Proven How to train your mind to be funnier

How to be funny: How to train your mind to be funnier

How to be funny: A new scientific study has found out what you do wrong when you open your mouth to make those around you laugh, but in the end, you end up with secret glances. ( How to be funny, How to be funnier )

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In case you admire and envy, at the same time your close friend who, when he opens his mouth, makes everyone around him burst out laughing, while you drive them away whenever you have a business, then this article here is dedicated to you.

how to be funny - how to be funnier


Science has once again performed its miracle and come up with some interesting facts about what makes someone funny, to help you bring out the funniest side of your character.

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Researchers at the University of Southern California have asked professional comedians, amateurs of the genre and normal people to write funny but also boring, common New Yorker sketchbooks while connected to a magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI) machine. ( How to be funny, How to be funnier )

How to be funny

They were then asked to rate how funny their captions were, which they then handed over to others to rate as well.

The result; Scientists have discovered that two separate parts of the brain were activated during the “birth” of jokes. Professional comedians have activated the temporal lobe, which is located on the lateral part of each hemisphere, near the temples and is responsible for hearing, perceiving complex images, understanding speech (in the left hemisphere) and behaviors that are responsible for motivation and the feeling.

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On the other hand, amateur comedians and everyday people seem to have used the frontal cortex more, which is responsible for a number of activities, such as decision making. ( How to be funny, How to be funnier )

In particular, the researchers said, “During the grading of the jokes, those that came from the dominance of the temporal lobe in the brain turned out to be more funny than those that were” born “through the prefrontal cortex.”

the good news According to the results of the study, the winners in the experiment were, as expected, the people who had proven experience in jokes, and comedy, that is, the professionals. “The more you immerse yourself in the jokes, the more you train your brain to activate the temporal lobe at that point instead of the frontal cortex,” the scientists said in a press release. ( How to be funny, How to be funnier )

The lesson
So keep saying jokes – or rather, try – even if they are awful and bring you face to face with the astonished looks of those around you. The time will come when your brain will be on the right track. ( How to be funny, How to be funnier )

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