How to access archived emails iPhone and Gmail

How to access archived emails iPhone – archive email iPhone

How to access archived emails iPhone: At first look, it’s going to seem that each one archived email messages on your iPhone have disappeared as a result of the Mail app doesn’t have a dedicated archive folder. (how to find archived emails on iphone)

However, you do not need to worry concerning irrevocably losing your vital archived messages from customers and workers. (archive email iphone)

Where do archived messages go on iPhone – email archive iPhone

Rather than an Archive folder, the Mail app mechanically transfers all archived messages to the All Mail folder of your email account.

Once you discover an archived message, you’ll be able to transfer it back to its original folder or select another folder.


  • Open the Mail app on your iPhone and navigate to the Mailboxes screen. as an example, if you’re on the All Inboxes screen, Tap the “Mailboxes” button to open the Mailboxes screen.


  • 2. Touch the name of the e-mail account within the Accounts section that has the message you would like to retrieve.


  • Touch the “All Emails” folder to check a listing of your messages for that account. (email archive iphone)


  • Choose the archived message and so Tap the “Folder” icon. (how to find archived emails on iphone)


  • Tap the folder you would like to transfer the archived message to, like Inbox. The message is instantly transferred to the chosen folder. (How to access archived emails iPhone)


How to find archived emails on iPhone – Tips


You need to line up your email account to archive messages before retrieving AN archived email. Touch the Settings icon, choose Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and choose the e-mail account. faucet the “Archive Messages” turn on / OFF to “ON”.


Even if Archive Messages is enabled on your iPhone, you’ll be able to still send AN email message to the Trash folder rather than mechanically transferring it to the All Mail folder. I(archive email iphone)


Open the e-mail message you would like to delete, then bit and hold the “Archive” icon till a popup menu seems. faucet “Delete message” to send a message to the Trash folder. ((How to access archived emails iPhone)


Email archive iPhone – Important Notice

The information during this article applies to AN iPhone running iOS six.1. directions could vary slightly or considerably with different versions of the program.

How to find archived emails in Gmail [and how to unarchive them]

It’s not difficult to find archived emails in Gmail if you unintentionally archived a message, and you can retrieve it. Once you see archived messages, you can unarchive an email in Gmail to get it back in your inbox.


Difference between Archive and Delete

Archive or delete? There is a difference between archive and delete. When archiving an email, it no longer appears in the inbox but is still visible in the search and “All Emails” tab. When you delete a message, it goes to the Trash and within 30 days it is permanently deleted from your account.


How to archive emails in Gmail

If you want to know how to archive emails in Gmail, or maybe you accidentally archived an email and don’t know how you did it, just select an email and look for this archive icon (). Then just touch it and the email will be archived.

To find your archived emails, just click All Emails. In this section, you will see your inbox emails, outgoing messages, and archived emails. You can also search for -label: inbox (at least in front) to see only emails, not in your inbox, ie archived messages.


How to unarchive an email in Gmail (back to inbox)

If you have unintentionally archived an email you want to return it to your inbox (unarchive), just tap or click a button with this icon (), which will move the email to your inbox again. That way it will still be visible.


Creating filters in Gmail

We have already shown you how to create filters in Gmail: from filters, you can choose for an email that arrives from a certain address Skip the Inbox (Archive) so it will not be deleted but you will not see it when it is sent to your account. Or, for important emails, you can choose to Mark as important or even Never send to spam so you don’t miss a message.

How to access archived emails iPhone – archive email iphone – email archive iphone – how to find archived emails on iphone