Harry and Meghan. An unpublished photo of Archie to wish happy 2020

Harry and Meghan

Harry and Meghan: The Dukes of Sussex shared a video via social media account Instagram with their best moments of 2019, including an unpublished photo of the eldest son, who smiles in his father’s lap.

A day after the publication of the social video with which Kate Middleton and William of England greeted 2019 (also including some images of Harry and Meghan ) the “response” of the Dukes of Sussex arrived on the official Sussex Royal page.

The first photo chosen by the couple is an unpublished shot of Harry and Archie, never seen before. Informal, probably very recent, as was the Christmas card sent by the dukes.



Cap with double pom-poms, similar to those of many “ordinary” children for little Archie, 8 months on January 6th, who hints at a smile in Harry’s arms, completely kidnapped by his son.

The message of a happy new year is accompanied by thanks for all the support received over the past few months. «We loved meeting so many of you from all over the world and we can’t wait to meet many of you next year.

We hope that 2020 will bring health and happiness to each of you ». Then other thanks, to Chris Martin and the Coldplay, who gave them the opportunity to accompany the chosen photos with their song, Clocks, from 2002.

Harry and Meghan

In the background, a lake, or the sea, certainly in Canada, where the family is spending these holidays. The Dukes of Sussex, in fact, would have rented a cottage on Vancouver Island, to have maximum privacy and enjoy your child away from prying eyes (and goals). The indiscretion came a few days before Christmas, after some sightings by local residents and tourists.

A cheerful and enthusiastic video, that of Harry and Meghan, full of meetings, smiles, handshakes and hugs with ordinary people, the most loved by the couple, but there is no shortage of the most official public moments, next to the queen, at Remembrance Day, at Trooping The Color.

And there is William and Kate, the first in an official photo with his brother and Prince Charles, the second in Wimbledon with Meghan, as well as the photo of Archie’s baptism, which sees them all posing together.

It is impossible that it is a real answer to the video of the Dukes of Cambridge, not surprisingly we used quotation marks before. Same modalities, same day, same novelty, a sort of best nine chosen by those directly involved.

There is coordination between the two couples and their respective offices, other than feud and irremediable rift. The “different roads” that Harry had talked about in the documentary Harry & Meghan, an African Journey, moreover, do not mean distant roads.

Two tracks can also travel in parallel and intersect from time to time, maintaining autonomy and individuality. The beauty of not being approved. Who knows when we will see all four of them together again, the royal watchers can’t wait. we hope you like the post if you do then please share it.

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