google quantum supremacy

Google quantum supremacy – Google announced the achievement of “quantum supremacy”

google quantum supremacy


Google quantum supremacy American Corporation Google has reported a breakthrough in quantum computing, reaching the so-called quantum supremacy, reports AFP. “ quantum supremacy”.

This term is used to refer to this kind of speed of computation, which current computers would take thousands of years. Well, Google called Sycamore could for 200 seconds to make operation, which is today the most powerful computer would take 10 thousand years.

Modern computers, even the most powerful work on the binary system, based on bits that can be set to either 1 or 0, but in hypothetical quantum computer bits of data can be simultaneously equal to 1 and 0, which allows working with much larger volumes of information.

At the same time, IBM representatives said that the achievements of Google are greatly exaggerated. Instead of 10 thousand years of operation to perform on current computers would take two and a half years.

The authors of the project from Google also recognize that they need better equipment and more sophisticated monitoring techniques to verify the possibility of achieving such power.

google quantum supremacy

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