Fifa 20 news

Fifa 20 news

The new FIFA 20 in two weeks bought 10 million times

Electronic Arts told about the statistics of the game FIFA 20. In the two weeks since the start of sales on September 27, it was bought 10 million times. The game is available through EA Access and Origin Access, so 10 million does not mean the same number of users.


Electronic Arts hope that money from micropayments will keep FIFA 20 profitable over the next year. The publisher also said that a total of 10 million players participated in 450 million matches. They also scored a total of 1.2 billion goals.


The FIFA game series has been released since 1993. Together with Madden, she forms the backbone of EA Sports. As of 2018, over 260 million copies of games have been sold as part of the series.

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