Famous Russian women Victoria Dayneko Surprised Big Breasts

Famous Russian woman Victoria Dayneko Surprised Big Breasts

famous russian woman dayneko- Famous Russian women

Famous Russian Women as she is talented among the Russian woman or Singer Victoria Dayneko has published a new Candid Video on her page.

Victoria was dressed in short shorts and a t-shirt, under which immediately drew the attention of the Followers, there was no bra.
In the frame of the singer stabbed herself in the make-up, while dancing, and talking about her life.

So, the actress confessed that as a child mom took a black eye pencil, and rubbed it all over my lips.
At this time, suddenly came the father and the girl had to hide behind a sofa, washing away the pencil from her lips.


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А как вы краситесь, девочки? Пока никто не видит? Я сколько себя помню всегда воображала себя ну жутко крутой, вживалась в роль как могла и экспериментировала с мейком? неудобно было только когда мне было лет 12, и я самозабвенно красовалась у зеркала под Песни Гостей Из Будущего, а папа внезапно пришёл с работы раньше. И все бы ничего, но на губах у меня была чёрная помада, ну то есть мамин карандаш для глаз, я тогда нырнула за кресло и судорожно начала его стирать?? (видео дурацкое скоро удалю?) best song inspiration by @arianagrande Dangerous Woman

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Famous Russian women


Fans noted in the comments, the figure of the singer and her movements that reminded them of Shakira and informed Victoria that her translucent Breast.
Dayneko promised to remove this video later, but members tried to persuade her not to do it.

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