EMT Responsibility - EMT Salary - EMT Jobs - Who is EMT

EMT Responsibility – EMT Salary – EMT Jobs – Who is EMT

EMT Responsibility - EMT Salary - EMT Jobs - Who is EMT
EMT Responsibility – EMT Salary – EMT Jobs – Who is EMT

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Who is an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)?

Function and Duty of EMTS

Quality of an EMT


Emergency Medical Technician Job

Emergency Medical Technician Salary

Who is an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)?

Emergency Medical Technicians reply to emergency calls to produce economical and immediate care to the critically unwell and injured, and to move the patient to a medical facility.

After receiving the decision from the dispatcher the EMT drives the motorcar to deal with or location given, mistreatment the foremost efficient route, looking on traffic and weather. The EMT should observe traffic ordinances and rules regarding emergency vehicle operation.


functions in uncommon situations;

  1. ‘has a basic understanding of stress response and methods to ensure personal well-being.
  2. has an understanding of body substance Isolation.
  3. understands basic medical-legal principles;
  4. functions inside the scope of care as outlined by state, regional and local regulatory agencies;
  5. complies with regulations on the handling of the deceased, notifies authorities and arranges for protection of property and evidence at the scene.

EMT Duties include but are not limited to:

  1. opening and maintaining an airway
  2. ventilating patients
  3. administering cardiopulmonary resuscitation, including use of automated external defibrillators;

          Providing Pre-hospital emergency treatment of easy and multiple system trauma such as:

  1. Controlling hemorrhage,
  2.  treatment of shock (hypoperfusion),
  3.  bandaging wounds,
  4.  immobilization of painful, swollen, or deformed extremities, Immobilization of painful, swollen, or deformed             neck or spine;
  5.  providing emergency medical care to:
  6.   assist in emergency childbirth,
  7.  Manage general medical complaints of altered mental standing, respiratory,
  8.  cardiac, diabetic, allergy, seizures, poisoning behavioral emergencies, environmental emergencies, and psychological crises. Additional care is provided based on the assessment of the patient and obtaining historical information.
  9. assisting patients With prescribed medication, including sublingual nitroglycerin,
  10. epinephrine auto-injectors and hand-held aerosol inhalers
  11. administration of oxygen, oral glucose, and Activated Charcoal
  12. reassuring patients and bystanders by operating during an assured, efficient manner.
  13. avoiding mishandling and undue haste whereas operating efficiently to accomplish


EMT Responsibility - EMT Salary - EMT Jobs - Who is EMT
EMT Responsibility – EMT Salary – EMT Jobs – Who is EMT

Quality of an EMT:

Compassion: EMTs must be able to provide emotional support to patients in an emergency, especially patients who are in life-threatening situations or extreme mental distress.

Interpersonal skills: EMTs usually work on teams and must be able to coordinate their activities closely with others in Stressful Situation.

Listening skills: EMTs need to listen to the patient to determine the extent of their injuries or illnesses.

Physical strength: EMTs need to be Physically fit. Their job needs tons of bending, lifting, and kneeling.

Problem-solving skills: EMTs need sums. They must be able. to evaluate patients’ symptoms and administer acceptable treatments.

Speaking skills: EMTs need to be able to explain procedures to patients, give orders, and A relay information to others.


  • Body substance Isolation ( BSI ) – Every Ems Provider should know how to use body substance isolation which consists of face mask, Cap, Gloves, Apron/ Gown, Goggles, boot, etc. following proper practices to protect him/herself from patients’ blood & body fluids.)
  • Patient Assessment and Emergency Care: Assess the patient, recognize the problem at hand, and provide interventions to stabilize the condition. The patient assessment could be a massive section of the Emt information and can be mentioned a lot of within the applicable section.
  • Safe Lifting and Moving: Transportation of the patient from the scene of an accident to the motorcar.
  • Transport and Transfer of Care: Involves in progress assessment and Intervention whereas driving the motorcar to the closest hospital, where care will be transferred.
  • Documentation: Complete the PCR ( Pre-hospital care report) fastidiously for the incident. This will make sure that you’ve got the right documentation for legal problems. A copy of the PCR will be included in both the patient’s medical record and the EMS system permanent record.
  • Patient support: Be corroboratory of the patient in any respect times and defend the patient’s confidentiality. Patient confidentiality is a crucial legal issue that may be mentioned in a very later section.

Access to the System

The Universal variety wont to access emergency services, including police, fire, and EMS.

An Advanced Emergency Call tracking system that displays the caller’s number and location automatically. Provides automatic variety identification (ANI) and automatic location identification (ALI) wont to track incoming emergency calls.

Emergency Medical Technician Job

If you are searching a job for an EMT in India or out of India then we can suggest or recommend you below mention website where you can find the relevant jobs not only as EMT but in also others professions. Check out the links below.

  1. Indeed.com 
  2. Shine.com
  3. Naukri.com
  4. Linkedin

Emergency Medical Technician Salary


EMT Responsibility - EMT Salary - EMT Jobs - Who is EMT
EMT Responsibility – EMT Salary – EMT Jobs – Who is EMT

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