drake and rihanna – rihanna and drake

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drake and rihanna - rihanna and drake

Rihanna confides in her relationship with her ex Drake!

After confiding that she was really going the perfect love with her darling Hassan Jameel, Rihanna also came back on her relationship with Drake!
Rihanna seems crazy in love with her companion Hassan Jameel. The beautiful did not hesitate to confide on their couple in a very positive way. But regarding his ex, the rapper Drake, the words have clearly changed. Indeed, the beautiful seems not to have a very good memory of his previous relationship. She also explained her discomfort felt during the MTV Videos Awards!

In an interview with American Vogue magazine, Rihanna spoke about her previous relationship with Drake. She said, “We are not friends now. But we are not enemies either. ” Before adding, “That’s what it is! ”

The singer also shared her feelings during the MTV Videos Awards 2016 evening. Drake spoke to pay tribute to her career. He had said, “I have been in love with her since I was 22 years old. She is one of my best friends in the world (…). She is a living legend of our industry. ”

Rihanna also told reporters, “The VMA ceremony is such a fan-driven show. So having such energy around me and knowing the people who have received this award in the past made me feel uncomfortable. Hearing this speech was probably the most uncomfortable moment for me. I do not like compliments too much. I do not like being in the center of attention. ”

The beautiful Rihanna also made some confidences concerning her couple with the Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel. For the singer it could even be that he is “the good”. She also added, “I felt guilty about taking time for myself in the past. But I also think that I had never met someone who was worth it before. ”

drake and rihanna – rihanna and drake

Drake and Rihanna – Burning Questions About Rihanna relationship with her ex Drake!

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