demi lovato snapchat account hacked-min

demi lovato snapchat account hacked-min

Demi Lovato social media account hacked, Seeing pictures fans got Angry

Demi Lovato pictures have gone viral on social media. It is reported that these pictures of Demi Lovato were leaked due to her social media account being hacked. As soon as her pornographic images went viral, hers fans became very angry and started supporting Demi Lovato.

Demi Lovato’s Snapchat account was hacked on Thursday afternoon, according to news from the English website Los Angeles, after which his pornographic photos appeared in his Snapchat story. Demi Lovato found out her social media account was hacked through her fans, after which the photos were deleted.

Soon after Snapchat was hacked, Star’s publicity team started deleting their photos. Now all those photos have been deleted. At the same time, fans of their favorite singer Demi Lovato leaked on social media, and the fans were angry and started cheating those who hacked their account. Demi Lovato was in the news earlier this year for deleting her Twitter account.

Demi Lovato was criticized by US immigration officials for her comments on the arrest of rapper 21 Savage, which led actress-singer Demi Lovato to Twitter. During the ‘2019 Super Bowl’ football, the singer was engulfed in controversy by commenting on the recording artist, who was detained by US immigration and customs enforcement officials during a campaign in Atlanta.

Rapper 21 Savage was facing deportation. The rapper, nominated for a Grammy, immigrated to the United States from Britain in 2005, but was still residing in the United States a year after his visa expired. Taking a dig at the news of the rapper’s arrest, Lovato tweeted, “21 Savage memes have been a favorite part of Super Bol for me so far.” Subsequently, social media users condemned the remark. Lovato had given his clarification on this and deleted his account.

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