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Demi Lovato: hackers leaked intimate photos of the actress

Emi Lovato suffered the hacking of her Snapchat this week and cyber criminals began publishing intimate photos of the singer through that social network, The Sun reported today. Within a few hours, the artist’s team had already deleted the published images.

Lovato fans were the first to warn of the crime and expressed their anger through the networks. “Filtering celebrity nudes is literally so classless and disrespectful”; “Someone hacked Demi’s Snapchat! Why would anyone do this?”; “Demi Lovato is already suffering a lot for this to happen, they have published their private photos,” were some of the messages in support of the artist.

The singer is having a sad time because a few days ago a friend of her, Thomas Trussell, died in his fight against drug addiction. In her last Instagram post, the star posted a photo of a tattoo she made in tribute to the young man.

But also the singer and actress has her own fight and personal hell. Last year, Demi had a serious relapse in his drug addiction. After taking a simple (Sober) in which he talked about these problems, the young woman was hospitalized for an overdose that almost leads to death. After being in rehabilitation for three months, in November last year she went out with new energies and opened a new Instagram account to make smears and new life away from the substances that were killing her.

Also last September she shared a post with her followers, where she said she was also tired of feeling ashamed of her body and that she was now determined to love herself as she was. “I am literally very tired of being ashamed of my body, editing it (yes, the other bikini photos were edited and I hate doing it, but it’s the truth) for others to see from their ideal of beauty, but that’s not me” he expressed.

And he added in relation to this new stage: “I want this new chapter in my life to be about being authentic with what I am instead of trying to meet other people’s standards. So, here I am, without shame, without fear and proud to be the owner of a body that I have fought so hard for and that will continue to surprise me when I give birth one day. ”

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