Computer skills- computer skills for resume- What are the computer skills in the CV and how to write them correctly

Computer skills- computer skills for resume- What are the computer skills in the CV and how to write them correctly

Computer skills- computer skills for resume- What are the computer skills in the CV and how to write them correctly. Here’s how to communicate your computer skills to the recruiters.

IT skills are now a highly strategic factor in many job tasks

Here are the computer skills to be included in your curriculum vitae, be it in the Europass format or built differently. It is essential to fill in this field correctly to demonstrate to Recruiters that you have up-to-date and in-depth IT knowledge, useful for the job you are going to carry out. (Computer skills- computer skills for resume)

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Computer skills- computer skills for rComputer skills- computer skills for resumeesume


Computer skills essential

What to write in the field dedicated to computer skills in the curriculum? The answer may seem simple, but it is not. To understand what to write, consider the professional profile of the CV we are filling in. If it is a question of looking for a candidate with a specific technical task, this field must first show which of the software useful for carrying out the job you possibly know. If, on the other hand, you are applying for a job that does not require specific computer skills, then you can proceed with a list: from generic to more specific ones.


How to write computer skills

When writing your CV, it is good to keep in mind the general rule that requires you to structure your content clearly. You have to put yourself in the shoes of the reader and who probably has hundreds of cards to analyze, before deciding who to call for an interview. Making sure that your CV is well structured and that it guarantees the use of information at a simple glance can really make a difference.

Computer skills- computer skills for resume

On the CV, computer skills must be structured in a list: from general to more specific. Here is an example of a Curriculum Vitae with well-listed computer skills:

Operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.);
Common programs (Office package, etc.);
Email management and Web Browser (Chrome, Explorer, Safari, etc.);
Professional and specific software (SAP, Konga, etc.);
Graphics applications and programs (Adobe Suite, etc.);
Programming and languages ​​(Python, Java, PHP, etc.).


How to improve your computer skills?

It often happens that you want to use your free time to improve your computer skills and competences, but you are faced with the first great difficulty and ask yourself: how to do it? Where to study? What courses to follow? Fortunately, as regards computer skills, the offer abounds in every direction: on the web there are thousands of sites that offer training packages for the various software and organized in progressive levels of difficulty. (Computer skills- computer skills for resume)

To find short courses, just do a little research on the web, but to be sure about investing in a good training path, it is advisable to rely on specialized companies such as Mylar or platforms such as PHYD, created by Adecco Group in collaboration with Microsoft.

It must be specified, however, that these tutorials, although they issue certifications, often have no relevance on the CV – except for some certificates recognized by most companies as courses of great value: for example those organized by Google Digital Training. (Computer skills- computer skills for resume)

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Computer skills certified on CV

If you believe you want to follow a course that issues an internationally valid certification, then you must contact bodies recognized by the administrations of the various states. The main ones are: EIPASS, ECDL, PEKIT, Cisco and Microsoft Office Specialist.

Each institution offers multiple types of certifications according to the various specific training areas and the courses are structured in various levels of learning. Among the different available, we list some courses that could be extremely useful for the candidate: (Computer skills- computer skills for resume)


Basic: guarantees basic computer skills on CV;

CAD: ensures the use of the technical drawing software at a professional level;
Coding: allows the acquisition of a title on programming languages;
Cybercrimes: allows you to obtain skills on computer security;
DPO – Data Protection Officer: certifies mastery of data protection;
Legal informatics: it is a confirmation of the good use of specific management systems for law firms;
ATA staff: ensures the use of software distributed in the didactic secretariats;
Public Administration: allows to know the programs used in public offices;
Social Media Manager: training on the use of Social Media for institutional communication purposes;
Teacher: allows you to integrate the traditional teaching method with the new technologies available;
WE : certifies IT skills on CMS – Content Management System and on SEM – Search Engine Marketing.

Computer skills- computer skills for resume

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