Canon 50mm lens 1.8 STM video test – Canon 200d 50mm 1.8 STM video test

Canon 200d 50mm 1.8 STM video test

 Canon 200d 50mm 1.8 STM video test

Canon 200d 50mm 1.8 STM video test – Greeting Friends! My name is Amit and I welcome all of you at my channel Explain Guruji. In Today’s video, we are going to do a Review and Unboxing of the Canon 50mm Lens. Yesterday, I had placed this order on Amazon, and now it has come to me.

Watch this video for Canon 50 mm Video and Photo Test


So, Today we are going to do Unboxing and Review of this canon 50 mm Product. And we are going to see how much clarity and blueness this lens can give. The lens which I am using Now is the Basic lens and it had come with Canon 200D DSLR. Now, You are watching the Clarity of Canon 200D Kit Lens.


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Nevertheless, In this video, I will show you some Indoor and Outdoor video Samples and Photo Samples of this Lense Canon 50mm. And you decide how much better this lens is.

Why I bought this lens Canon 50 mm lens, the reason is very much clear

When I had purchased the DSLR that time I did know anything about the DSLR, The Lens which comes with the DSLR calls Kit Lens. And I used to do Photography and Videography with the Kit Lens. But I was not getting that Clarity and blurriness with the Kit Lens.

So, I did some research and found that this lens is under budget. And with this lens, you can get Good Videos Quality, The best thing about this lens is that this lens has an aperture level of 1.8

It means if there is a less aperture then more light will go into the camera and a better picture will come. So without any further delay Let’s see it function and Features.

Canon EF50MM F/1.8 STM Lens Technical Details

Brand Canon
Model 0570C005AA
Item Weight 159 g
Batteries Required No
Supported Image Type JPEG, RAW
Optical Zoom 0.21 X
Max Resolution 20 Megapixels
Has Auto Focus Yes
Lens Type Standard
Min Focal Length 50 Millimeters

So, This is the Box and the Cutter, Let’s Unbox it.

canon 50 mm price and test

Above the box, you can see there is a Billing address and if you want to Return the Product then there is shipping address as well. Please watch the video.

Canon 50mm lens is made in Malaysia. This is the Canon 50mm 1.8 STM Lens and STM helps to Reduce Noise in Videography. After Unboxing, the first thing we have is a warranty Card. you get 1+1 = 2 years warranty.

Canon 50mm Lens looks heavy but it is not, in reality, it is very light and has a good quality. it weighs almost 4 gm. Look, There is two Mode over here. Auto Focus and Manual Focus.

Canon 50mm lens


Go Gyan PediaNow let’s see its quality Test of Canon 50mm Lens. Now you are watching the footage is shot by Canon 50mm Lens on Manual Mode and ISO is 200. and now you can see how much Lightening it is giving me and clarity as well.

Canon 50mm unboxing and Review

So far you have seen the footage is shot by Canon 50mm lens on Manual mode. Now, Let’s check how much clarity and lightening it will give you on Camera’ Auto Mode. Now you are watching the footage is shot by Canon 50mm lens in the camera’s auto mode.

Canon 50mm Lens Test

Let’s see some more Outdoor Samples of this lens, and you will decide how whether you like this lens or not. Now you can see how much background is blur behind me. In your video blurriness depends on your Distance.

canon 50 mm blur test

the more distance, the more blurriness will come.


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