Breathing problem home remedy: Why is it becoming difficult to breathe? 16 reasons

Breathing problem home remedy: Why is it becoming difficult to breathe? 16 reasons

Breathing problem home remedy: Breathing is such a natural process that we are used to not noticing it. But any problems with him immediately cause a panic. There are a lot of reasons that make it difficult to breathe, and not all of them carry a health hazard. (Breathing problem home remedy)

What could be dangerous breathing difficulties?

Short-term shortness of breath is an adaptation of our body that does no harm. Another thing is if breathing is difficult for no apparent reason or is accompanied by other symptoms: chest pain, heart rhythm disturbance, coughing for several minutes or more. This can be a sign of a serious problem and requires immediate medical attention. (Breathing problem home remedy)

Why is it becoming difficult to breathe?

Temporary causes of difficulty breathing

  • Shortness of breath after physical activity is a completely normal occurrence. So the body reacts to increased stress. Breathing usually recovers in one to two minutes.
  • Emotional stress is a common cause of respiratory failure. It becomes frequent and superficial, heart palpitations. Discomfort will pass itself after a while.
  • Being in a stuffy room or in the highlands. Due to stuffiness or low pressure, a person begins to breathe more often to get the right amount of oxygen.

Heart and circulatory diseases causing breathing problems

All heart diseases cause shortness of breath for one reason – hypoxia, or lack of oxygen. But they have different effects on the body.

  • Coronary heart disease – a disease based on conflict: the myocardium (heart muscle) receives less oxygen than it needs because of damage to the coronary arteries (vessels that feed the myocardium).
  • Arrhythmia is a violation of the heart rhythm. Blood moves through the body or too slowly, and does not have time to bring oxygen to the tissues. Or too quickly, not having time to increase the oxygen content in the vessels of the lungs.
  • Defects and heart failure also lead to stagnation of blood, its insufficient circulation.

Heart disease is easy to recognize. In addition to shortness of breath, the patient feels chest pain, his limbs swell and turn blue. These symptoms are clear to the doctor and make diagnosis easier.

Lung and respiratory diseases

Any disease in which the lumen of the respiratory tract narrows leads to difficulty in breathing.

  • Foreign bodies in the nasal cavity, pharynx, bronchi interfere with the flow of air. Breathing becomes frequent, loud, and less deep, panic appears. In this situation, emergency assistance is needed.
  • Pneumo- and hydrothorax is the accumulation of gas or fluid in the pleura of the lungs. In addition to frequent breathing, there are other symptoms – dry cough, palpitations, tears, and a feeling of panic fear.
  • Tumors and cysts can both narrow the lumen of the respiratory tract (if located in the nasopharynx), and disrupt the very work of oxygen metabolism (if located in the lungs).
  • Bronchial asthma – in its attacks, a sharp narrowing of the lumen of the bronchi occurs in response to an allergen, stress, lack of air.

Respiratory diseases also reduce the ability to breathe freely.

Respiratory disorders of the nervous system

Breathing problem home remedy


Diseases of the nervous system, during which breathing is difficult, can be associated with pathologies of the brain, spine, and peripheral nerves.

  • Brain lesions: trauma, neoplasm, stroke, encephalitis. They can lead to difficulty breathing due to a malfunction of the respiratory center. Breathing is controlled precisely by the brain, and problems in its operation can lead to too frequent or rare breathing, and in severe cases to even stop it.
  • Intercostal neuralgia causes severe pain during movement of the chest. To avoid discomfort, the patient breathes rarely and superficially.
  • A curved spine can put pressure on nerves and blood vessels. And this will already cause bronchospasm, narrowing of the lumen of the arteries or pain when trying to take a deep breath. (Breathing problem home remedy)

Breathing problem home remedy

Doctors here also often include respiratory disorders associated with neurosis or tantrums. However, they are easily removed by sedatives and do not indicate a separate disease, but need to be consulted by a neurologist and/or psychotherapist. (Breathing problem home remedy)