Betaal on Netflix: A New Horror Web Series with Shah Rukh Khan says Director Patrick Grahm

Betaal on Netflix: A New Horror Web Series with Shah Rukh Khan says, Director Patrick Grahm

Betaal on Netflix: Director Patrick Graham is coming soon with the horror web series ‘Betaal’ made in Shah Rukh Khan’s Red Chilli Production. The trailer of the series, which released on Netflix on 24 May, has been released. Recently, the director of this series, Patrick, had a conversation with Media and shared many interesting things related to it.


Actually, I am very fond of watching horror movies since childhood. I used to read horror stories and I have a different attachment to this genre. Whenever I think of making a project, the first horror comes to my mind. I feel that in this horror I get a lot of freedom to experiment, plus I think the horror market in India is very good. People love watching horror movies and this genre is not too much explored, so for me, it was both a challenge and an achievement. (Betaal on Netflix)

I think the way a story is made with suspense is very exciting. I have always been a big fan of suspense films too, and if I do not want to make horror subjects, then I will definitely make suspense thriller. Suspense, crime, murder mystery thrills me. Apart from this, I also want to make a film full of action sequences. Where there are a big set, a big team, and a lot of action sequences. I never think that I will make a comedy film because I feel that I do not have that instinct to make a comedy picture.

Betaal on Netflix

I consider myself happy that we had completed this series almost before the lockdown started in February, but if the lockdown situation is seen somewhere, then it is a very lucky time for the OTT platform because when the whole If the world is looking at contacts on OTT, then there is a pressure on them to stand on the audience’s expectation.

The first season was well-liked and was successful, for this I am trying now that the second season turns out to be more powerful and there is a very good script for it, an idea, which I have finalized. Can’t tell much about it, but yes its season 2 will be revealed soon. (Betaal on Netflix)

Betaal on Netflix


We were shooting in a remote area near Lonavla. We had to do some scenes in an old railway practice which was not in use. The tunnel was about 800 meters long. It was very difficult for us to bring our own generators and shoot inside the tunnel. Many times there was difficulty in breathing, there was panic, then all these problems had definitely come, but we finished shooting in some way. We have also shot some part of the series in Yash Raj Studio and at that time the whole group had the flu which was spreading. We all got sick and we also shot during that time.

First of all, I would like to say that Shahrukh Khan was very excited about this project. He was also very happy with the script and we enjoyed working with his team. Because a name like Shahrukh, which is such a big superstar in itself, if that name gets associated with the web series, then surely his fans will be attracted to this series and his fans will keep interested for this series. (Betaal on Netflix)