Fall In Love With Hocus Pocus Is The Best Halloween Movie Of All Time

Here’s why ‘Hocus Pocus’ is Your Finest Halloween movie of all time

You will find many Halloween movies to select from when it comes to observing the spooky holiday, but not one of them comes near the magic that’s “Hocus Pocus.” (good Halloween movies)

Launched in 1993, the movie follows three witchy sisters that are brought back from the dead with a gullible teenager virgin, therefore that they could suck out the lives of the kids of Salem, Massachusetts and be young and beautiful forever.

The storyline of this movie might seem menacing, but due to performances by Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy and Sarah Jessica Parker Hocus Pocus” is much more laughs than cries.

In the previous ten decades or so,”Hocus Pocus” is now a staple to see throughout the month of October, as a result of millennials who grew up watching the movie and craving the nostalgia from the past.

So in honor of this iconic Halloween movie, we are providing you with 10 reasons why”Hocus Pocus” is your greatest movie to watch for Halloween.

Hocus Pocus Sisters


Hocus Pocus Sisters – The throw is mythical

Like we mentioned previously, Midler, Najimy, and Parker are renowned since the Sanderson sisters.  They have such amazing chemistry which you instantly think they have been sisters for 300 decades. Every one of the sisters has these closely defined characters, which makes each scene so much pleasure.  You also can not overlook Thora Birch, that had been only a small child when this movie was created. 


 It is possible to estimate the movie until the cows come home.

Movies that endure the test of time do this because they have hilarious scripts using humorous quotable one-liners, and”Hocus Pocus” is filled with these.  You can not help but link to Midler’s deadpan delivery of,”Oh look, yet another glorious morning. Makes me ill.” Simply try and not crack a smile when Najimy states,”I smell kids” or when Parker only says”amuck” on repeat.  It is all hilarious.


 There is really a few histories behind the movie

OK, and so the Sanderson sisters ‘ are fictional characters, but the Salem Witch Trials certainly occurred in the late 1600s and 19 people were murdered after they had been accused of being witches.  From the movie, the Sanderson sisters were suspended in 1693, which had been when the real trials were occurring. good Halloween movies

Sarah jessica parker hocus pocus The physical comedy is golden.

Midler and Najimy are experienced actors with unbelievable timing, as well as both played off each other well, particularly when it came to their own personalities getting physical with one another.  The humor in”Hocus Pocus” is very broad, and who better to do this than Midler?


 It is perfect if you do not love scary movies

So many movies that revolve around Halloween are terrifying movies, which completely makes sense, but what can you see if you can not deal with a scary movie?  You see”Hocus Pocus,” duh! When there are a number of spooky moments from the movie, the majority of it’s filled with slapstick humor and humorous jokes.


 It’s the definition of a”campy” movie.

In the event that you ever wanted a definition of exactly what”camp” means, look no farther than”Hocus Pocus.”  The camp is an exaggeration, and frequently times theatrical props and over-the-top. The witches that had been accused during the Salem Witch Trials were likely not sporting the adorned robes the Sanderson sisters wore in the movie, and that is what makes it even camp.


 It is packed with’90s nostalgia

It should not be shocking that a movie made in the’90s is filled with references to the times, but that is what makes viewing it so much pleasure.  It is just like a time machine back to 1993. In the Vanilla Ice-inspired haircuts among those figures has, to some mother dressing as Madonna at a cone bra, everything about this movie is dripping in nostalgia, and that is why we enjoy it.

Good Halloween Movie And Thackery Binx

You can not talk”Hocus Pocus” without mentioning one of the greatest characters from the movie (and no, we are not talking about Billy the stunt, even though he can come in as a close second).  Thackery Binx, aka the boy by the 1600s who had been turned into an immortal black cat by Winifred, is undoubtedly the smartest character in this movie. He warns the teenagers not to even light the black flame candle, then guides them on how best to conquer the witches.  Besides, who does not adore a talking black cat called Thackery?

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