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Auto Responder Twitter - Go gyan Pedia

There was little discussion of the plague of excessive automation of particular accounts. But automation could be useful! More and more brands are utilizing it elsewhere to their occasion operations, we tell you all about these automatic responses that now mark our timelines.
To Offer a support to users
The automatic answer provides a quick and clear answer to the query of a Twitter user. One of the greatest applications is undoubtedly to find in the sport. You do not have much battery or network and you absolutely want to be aware of the end result of a current event with no opening a sports program? Stay at Twitter and utilize the decent hashtags in your tweet to activate the robot!
The very first use of this automatic score was very well thought out for a game at which score is constantly evolving: basketball. In the 2014 World Cup in Spain ( Number Spain2014 ) it had been sufficient to send a tweet by citing @FIBA (the international organizing federation of the contest ) and the term”score” to obtain a picture with all the scores naturally. Or the program if the matches weren’t going on. Especially interesting on the first rounds up to 12 matches per day, including many simultaneous, this device has met with great success.
To surf the trend of a number of other players in the sport have developed this sort of automatic scoring apparatus, such as PSG or even L’Equipe. Even if the apparatus for a specific bar doesn’t have a huge interest, fans being at the stadium, in front of their TV or on Twitter using the live tweet of their club accounts and the several commentators. The experience was available for its Davis Cup final and the final Four of the Handball League Cup.
For a 100% personalized campaign
If everybody can not use the reside as a cause for an automatic response campaign, we could even build on the other columns which make Twitter effective: instant and conversational. The Twitter API really allows you to just retrieve the major information from the accounts as the profile image to your username. What personalize messages and his subscribers!
We can cite the case of the French Soccer Team using its operation #MonMaillotBleu which allowed one to automatically get an image of the jersey of the Blues along with your name and your favourite number. What create commitment and ensure the achievement of this hashtag. A hashtag that will stay in Trending Topic a good portion of the day of its own activation.
Zoom additionally on the instance Pierre & Vacances already discussed in these columns a week. For their summer campaign #CetEteJeChoisisDe, the tour group utilizes Twitter as a generator of travel ideas. The mix is straightforward, you have to tweet a message @Pierre_Vacances with the hashtag of this campaign. In the process, you receive an image that integrates your name and your profile image to invite you to travel in a setting which affects a lot of office. Nicely done, and well done.
Let’s return to the sport, and also the experience of 12emegone initiated by Orange and his Twitter accounts @ the12thman dedicated to soccer. Partner of Olympique Lyonnais, Orange has really gone even further by using the automatic response as the cornerstone of devotion for a campaign translated into truth. Even more powerful, it is a photo that has been posted on Twitter, processed, chosen and affixed to the jersey of OL in the next stage of the operation! And for that the content is king! They could literally dancing with the stars a couple of days ahead of the program.
All on Twitter to unlock exclusive content visible only through this. A tweet together with the hashtag of the operation along with the name of this star with whom we wanted to dancing unlocked a video shot with Google Glass that gave the belief that you danced along with his celebrity. A nice operation that reveals once more the importance of content in almost any automatic response procedure. Against a tweet on the hashtag of this operation you activate a camera placed in the heart of the action and you become a photographer among the stars. Interesting.
To exploit a specific Twitter card
Twitter Cards are obviously interesting to utilize to change its contents. There is also a format designed specifically for involvement around a question, the famous Poll Card or”survey” card in good French. You’ve probably noticed it go to”premium” advertisers, it’s presented as enriched content below the main tweet with several potential options. Diesel employed it because of its #Loverdose #RedKiss campaign and pushed the concept a bit further with a automatic response delivered to the users of this survey card. A simple and automatic way to engage a bit more followers.
Or just for a competition
Automation of response on Twitter can also be used to brighten a game organized on the community. Instead of the easy”follow and RT to acquire” we could add parameters to increase the experience and innovate. Consistently in the sport it was BNP Paribas who had suggested something new in this area with #AceParfait. This is an easy moment of winning”missing / won”. However, the staging goes a little further than the average and allows to participate a bit more Tennis fans of this community @WeAreTennis.
Watch out for drifts!
First concern: spam. Whether an automatic response is poorly thought it could quickly become spam. A couple of manufacturers were created badly configuring their replies, result instead of being actual answers messages were sent every opportunity to all followers of their account. And seeing 10 times a minute the same message has never been really pleasant…
Think about all the parameters that become involved on your automatic answer! The diversions could cause you to concern. A message which can be completed or translated together with the addition of a username is to be prevented (especially when you’re able to make a Twitter account quite easily just to troll the robot by simply choosing a username which helps to redirect the campaign).
Likewise be certain to answer automatically. We imagine banks or credit bureaus offer their clients to receive the balance of their account or credit against a tweet. For the pleasure of invention.
The reproduction. Innovative campaigns are great when it is innovative. If it is only to perform like others and bring nothing new, it is more embarrassing. What was innovative a few months ago has become mainstream and will not have the exact same impact on future campaigns.
Then look out for drifts that include”third party” accounts. One thinks in particular of the operation of Pierre & Vacances which makes it feasible to include different users by mentioning them into his tweet. Brands and institutions may observe this in a terrible light. When a few are extremely picky on the questions of law one supposes that to be associated with a more or less troll unidentified on visuals of holidays won’t enchant them.
To summarize, the automatic response can be quite interesting if it proposes something new for a really original experience. Several tools allow to configure this kind of replies with one or more response variables, we will discuss it very soon. If you know them, don’t be afraid to send us comments!

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