Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson

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Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson relationship

Ariana Grande Said That It Was Love At First Sight “With Pete Davidson From

Interviewed by “GQ” magazine, Pete Davidson made crisp revelations about his relationship with singer Ariana Grande. He notably returned to their very fast engagement.

Last June, the singer Ariana Grande surprised many, announcing her engagement with Pete Davidson, a member of the troupe “Saturday Night Live”. After only three weeks of relationship. Today, even if some judge their union a little too fast, the two lovers seem on a small cloud.

Interviewed by the American magazine “GQ”, the 24-year-old comedian even let himself go to some confidences, revealing the details of his love at first sight for the singer. An instant love at first sight, since he asked for it on the day of their meeting. “The day I met her, I told her,” I’m marrying you tomorrow, ”

explains the young man. “She thought it was bluffing. I sent her a photo [of engagement rings] saying, “Do you like them?” What she said “These are my favorites”. A few days later, they are already engaged.


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