Angelina Jolie, Institut Curie, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, who,

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Angelina Jolie, Institut Curie, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, who,

Angelina Jolie at the Institut Curie, a “very moving experience”

Last Saturday, Angelina Jolie went to the Institut Curie to meet with medical researchers and patients. A “moving experience” for the star, who confided in a statement but also in a new forum published in the “Time”.

Angelina Jolie continues her commitment to cancer prevention. Predisposed to the disease due to hereditary gene (her mother died of ovarian cancer in 2007 and her aunt died of breast cancer in 2013), the 44-year-old actress and director, who had undergone a double preventive mastectomy in 2013, followed two years later by a removal of the ovaries and fallopian tubes, was visiting Paris last week for various appointments. On Saturday, October 19, 2019, she went to the Institut Curie to meet with medical researchers and patients.

“Particularly moved” by a young patient

“It was a very emotional and humane experience to see doctors from around the world come together every day to try to find solutions to cancer and work alongside patients, including young children, who are undergoing treatment. I could see the close connection that doctors and scientific teams have with patients and their families who are fighting cancer with so much love and care. I was particularly moved by a boy in care who told me that he had already decided to be a doctor when he was older, so he could help the doctors he admires so much. (…) New scientific discoveries are underway and new medical treatments are being developed. From my experience, the most important thing is to ask for advice and to be informed about your options, “she told People magazine on October 20th.

Four days later, Brad Pitt’s ex-wife spoke at a new forum in the “Time” columns. The opportunity to return to his medical choices and his decision to speak publicly. “I am often asked how it affects me. I simply feel that I have made choices to improve my chances of being here to see my children become adults, and to meet my grandchildren. I hope I can dedicate as many years as possible to their lives and be here for them. I have lived more than a decade now without my mother. She only met a few of her grandchildren and was often too sick to play with them. It is difficult now for me to consider something in this divinely guided life when I think how much their lives would have benefited from the time spent with her, from her protection, from her love and from her grace. My mother struggled with the disease for a decade and has reached the age of 50. My grandmother died in her forties. I hope my choices will allow me to live a little longer, “she wrote.

I see and feel changes in my body, but that does not bother me
Angelina Jolie continues her story by mentioning her treatments and conversations about cancer prevention, but also changes to consider to improve the care of patients. “I have a patch for hormones and I have to have regular checkups. I see and feel changes in my body, but that does not bother me. I am alive and, for the moment, I handle all the problems I inherited. I feel more in touch with other women and I often have deep personal conversations with strangers about health and family. People also ask me how I feel about the physical scars I’m wearing. I think our scars remind us of what we overcame. They are part of what makes each of us unique. This diversity is one of the most beautiful things in human existence. The most difficult scars to bear are often invisible in the mind. All the patients I met at Institut Curie said that the care and support of their loved ones was the most important factor in their ability to cope with their illness. And here the situation is worrying globally, especially for women, “she continues.

“Nobody should feel a level of worry and pressure that affects his health”
The actress then leans her reflection on the place of women, too often victims of stress and violence that have a determining impact on their mental and physical health. “According to WHO, women are the group of people most affected by post-traumatic stress disorder. Unipolar depression is twice as common among women as men in the world. More women than men are affected by anxiety, psychological distress, sexual violence and domestic violence.
And according to the latest statistics, more than half of the women killed in the world have died in the hands of a partner or family member. According to the WHO, the factors that explain women’s poor mental health include discrimination, overwork, poverty, malnutrition, low social status and unfailing responsibility for caring for others. So I learned that when it comes to women’s health, advances in medicine are only part of the story. Mental and emotional health and physical safety are equally important. Without this, there may be a false sense that a woman is being cared for, when in fact she suffers because of other pressures in her life that are not receiving any attention. I now understand that we often focus on cancer or the disease that affects a particular woman, but forget the more general diagnosis: her family situation, her safety, and whether she is under stress that harms her health and makes his days much more difficult. Nobody should feel a level of worry and pressure that affects their health. But that happens to a lot of people. And there is no need for someone to become sick to realize that it is necessary to take care of oneself, “she wrote.

Angelina Jolie concludes her presentation: “All the medical discoveries that prolong our lives are welcome. But the bodies we hope to heal must also be respected and spared from avoidable damage. Only if we feel safe and supported can we all reach our full potential. “

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