7 Best social media tracking tools

7 Best social media tracking tools

7 Best social media tracking tools – The effectiveness of the modern marketer depends not only on his experience, creativity, and other professional qualities but also on the tools that he uses.

We have compiled a selection of 7 cool best social media tracking tools that will simplify the work and increase your capabilities in social networks


It monitors trends in real-time, analyzes the engagement of published posts and offers optimal publication time. Suitable for finding relevant topics on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

7 Best social media tracking tools


A tool for discussion analytics. It monitors the reaction to content, analyzes the audience, offers tools to increase engagement. It also analyzes Twitter ads if you use them.

7 Best social media tracking tools


Another dashboard for statistics from different platforms. In addition to social networks, you can connect Google Analytics, AdSense, MailChimp, WordPress, and other services in Snap. When using up to 5 widgets, it works for free.

7 Best social media tracking tools -3

Sprout Social

It solves several problems: managing messages from subscribers, scheduling and automatic publication of posts, analytics of brand pages on social networks.

7 Best social media tracking tools


The tool uses machine learning to work with big data. Analyzes content, discussions, authors. Unusual function: a map with visualization of live broadcasts and posts in real-time, where you can search for publications from different platforms by keywords or hashtags.

7 Best social media tracking tools

Simply Measured

The service connects with Google Analytics and provides data on the behavior of the audience from social networks on the site. Collects data on the promotion and content of competitors.

Social Attention

A simple free service for searching brand mentions in social networks in real-time. Searches among blogging services, microblogging, bookmarks, images, videos, and questions.

Best social media tracking tools

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